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      I’m using Ben 10 as a babysitter

      I admitted it. I’m becoming a Stepford mom. The genuinely loving smile when I meet the Kid at the school gate now only seems to survive for an hour or two before dying out and being replaced by a plastic robotic grin as the motorcycle speeds up and the tire screeching noises begin to fade. seriously irritate me already. brittle […]

      Things to eat during the diet

      Gaining weight is an easy task, but losing weight can show you stars in the morning. It’s not a cup of tea for everyone. You have to go to the gym, exercise regularly, control your diet, which is the worst. You exercise and after that you have a craving for food, but you can only eat select things. Here are […]

      Improve archery skills at summer camp

      Archery is a summer camp activity that challenges both mind and body. Since it’s also great for kids of all ages and abilities and can be played indoors or outdoors, it’s one of the most popular sports at camp. Whether your son has been playing for years or just learned his first bow, here are some of the best ways […]

      How to pour concrete steps

      Poured concrete steps provide a strong and durable transition between an exterior surface, such as a patio, and the entrance to your home. However, one of the most confusing questions that comes up is how high and how deep (front to back) each step should be. The answer to this question lies in some simple math that you can use […]

      Can caffeine influence the sex of your baby?

      There can be many reasons why a couple wants to choose the sex of their baby. There may be reasons related to the health potential of the newborn, depending on the gender, or they may wish to have a small family and only want a boy and a girl. Possibly, as in my case, you already have a tribe of […]

      Coronado Island Beaches 101

      There are plenty of beaches to visit throughout beautiful San Diego, and Coronado Island has five of its own. Everyone is a little different on this little island-peninsula, so choose the one that’s best for you and your family. Center Beach: Coronado’s main municipal beach is located just above the famous Hotel del Coronado. This is a great place for […]

      Improve your personal and business credit using UCC Filings

      Credit enhancement using UCC filings: Any document that is filed in your state is considered a public filing. That document is now public knowledge. Anyone can search these public records and find these documents/information. Credit bureaus are connected to a public filing database that is updated periodically (varies by state). They automatically receive all lien and bankruptcy information after it […]