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2 spells to summon spirits

Here are 2 spells to summon spirits. The more powerful your natural powers are, the faster and more powerful these spells will be. Remember that a spell is just a spell, so when you cast spells to summon spirits, the real key is your concentration, your natural ability, and your desire to have what the spell offers. You can develop your natural ability and power through constant practice, learning, and study. These spirit summoning spells will allow you to see spirits more clearly as your natural power and respect for the elements develop.

First of 2 spells to summon spirits: angel summoning spell

This is a very nice spell from the famous Silver Ravenwolf. It is used to summon 26 angels to help you in many different things. This spell can be performed at any time and is extremely effective. Repeat this often for the best results. The more you do it, the more your natural power will grow. Especially if you are constantly studying in many different areas. Just find a nice, quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Try to pronounce the names as well as possible, it doesn’t have to be perfect to be effective.

Singing the following:

Ariel starts it.

Baradiel guides him.

The Chalkydri sing it.

The devas manifest it.

Elohim wants it.

The Fravashi made it better.

Gabriel brings it.

The Hafaza look at him.

The Ischim balances it out.

Jael saves it.

Kadmiel gives birth to him.

Lahabiel helps him.

Michael picks it up.

Nebo ministers it.

Ophaniel sees it.

The chief angels dedicate it.

The Queen of Angels speaks it.

Rafael inspires him.

Sandalphon prays it.

Thrones sanctify it.

Uriel strengthens him.

Vrevoil reveals it.

The watchers protect him.

Xathanael commands it.

Yahriel places in him the glory of the moon.

The angels of the zodiac seal it.

And the Spirit brings it through time and space.

So be it. Ho! (or say amen.) Make an equal-armed cross sign in the air using your dominant hand.

The second of the spells to summon spirits: summon ghosts and spirits

This is a very easy spell that can be performed at any time. You need a needle, a piece of paper, a piece of red wool, and 5 candles.

Take the sheet of paper. Make a large stain in the middle with a red marker, crayon, or colored pencil. Then take the yarn and put it in the needle hole. Near the middle point, write these words “YES,” “NO,” “MAYBE”, and “I DON’T KNOW.” Write them around the circle.

Ritual: Put the needle in the red spot and hold it by the wool thread. Don’t hold the needle just for the wool.

Now sing: “I invoke the spirit of (name the spirit you want to invoke).” You can call whoever you want. You can call a former family member or an angel or anyone else you choose. Sing this three times. As you say these words, remember to turn the needle clockwise by hand. Now you ask a question and wait for the answer. Try not to move the needle. You will know the answer when the needle gets close to an answer (of the ones you have written).

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