How to use Instagram to build your business brand

Three ways to start a brand-centric social media strategy Instagram has quickly become a dominant force on social media and you will be surprised how effective it can be for your business.s. A brand-centric social media strategy ™ is a great idea before starting any social promotion. Not only will you save time and money down the road when you […]

Unanimous Shareholder Agreements – Part 1 – Introduction

Please note that this is not legal advice. The information provided in this document is for educational purposes only. If you wish to contact an attorney to help you draft, interpret, negotiate, or resolve a dispute about a shareholders agreement or unanimous shareholders agreement, we recommend that you seek a professional. For the purpose of this article, I will discuss […]

Aronia Berries; How can they be consumed

Introduction Aronia plants are native to the United States that have many health benefits that are causing a lot of interest. This article looks at how they can be consumed. One of the answers is to make juice. After Europeans and Russians discovered the health benefits of eating berries, their juice has probably become the world’s best-selling super fruit juice. […]

Natural foods that kill parasites

There are many natural foods that can kill parasites without using harmful medications that can cause serious side effects. These are natural foods that help create an environment in which parasites become uncomfortable and therefore are forced to die or leave the body. Parasites can only survive in the body if the environment suits them. Once this is understood, the […]