The return of the big oil companies

Each week brings another series of headlines about the heavy blows that will soon rain down on the energy sector … “The Oil Collapse ‘Death Spiral’” is coming soon … And … “Oil prices may never pick up.” Apparently, very soon, we will all abandon our gasoline cars and trucks for knockoffs of Tesla. The slow growth of the American […]

Digital Marketing for Nonprofits: How does it work?

Marketing for a nonprofit is not limited to media campaigns. It includes branding – the creation of logos and slogans, along with content and media. Expose your organization’s cause and ideal to your external audience and grab the attention of donors and volunteers with the help of these digital marketing efforts. Junk mail Digital marketing for nonprofits has a more […]

History and health effects of the grapefruit diet to help celebrities lose weight

With recent trends in obesity and the expansion of body size, nutrition and weight loss have become popular topics in everyday conversations. The ever-expanding diet industry has spawned numerous wacky nutrition tips and products to capitalize on our growing obsession. Many of these “fad diets” make pseudoscientific claims that appeal to people wanting to lose a few pounds. The focus […]

Will Facebook start to load?

Lately there has been a lot of talk on the Internet about whether Facebook will start charging its customers or not. The most current, scarce and distant reports lean towards no. Facebook is a valuable tool for millions of people. After republishing its new terms of service in March, Facebook found an overwhelming response to the changes. In an effort […]

Cufflinks as part of women’s attire

Cufflinks are generally known as classic men’s accessories. That’s mainly because we are used to seeing cufflinks on men’s dress shirts, along with the dinner jacket or sports jacket, business suit and, of course, the tuxedo. And it’s been that way ever since, so it’s pretty understandable why many assume they’re for men only. But there really are no such […]

About Las Vegas’ Best Gambling Casinos

Best Gambling Casinos If you are looking for some cheap Vegas vacation ideas to check out the following list of casino details. All have something to offer the gamblers who are on a budget or for those who want a casino break on a budget. All have something to offer the people who like gaming in their own space. All […]