Bringing home the beach

Since I moved to the central Alabama area seven years ago, I have learned at least one important thing about the people who live here. They go to the beach. They don’t just go to the beach, they know Gulf Shores and Orange Beach like the back of their hand. I never mentioned a trip to the beach without receiving […]

The coffee song: why is it so popular?

The Coffee Song was written by Bob Hilliard (January 28, 1918 – February 1, 1971), an American lyricist who wrote many other famous songs. For example, in the small hours of the morning, any day from now, dear hearts and gentle people, our day will come, my little corner of the world and seven girls (sitting in the back seat). […]

Storage Wars: Microsoft Slashes Additional Storage Prices

Inexpensive cloud storage services are fast becoming a battleground for the world’s largest software companies, from Amazon’s new Fire phone with unlimited photo storage, to Apple’s recent announcement of a cut of prices of nearly 70% for iCloud plans, even hardware giant ASUS is entering the market. action. Microsoft, following in the footsteps of rivals such as Apple and Google, […]

Subsidiary: types, advantages and disadvantages

Subsidiary is a company that is controlled by another company through a parent-child relationship. A company is only said to be a subsidiary company if the parent has a majority stake by owning more than 50% of the issued share capital. A single subsidiary can have subsidiaries. Subsidiaries are considered separate legal entities for tax and regulatory purposes. Types of […]

Decorate your kitchen with a retro 1940s theme

Today’s kitchen décor comes in all colors, sizes, and eras. A fun way to decorate your kitchen is with a little ’40s nostalgia. Painted cabinets, glass knobs and vintage bedding combined with new appliances that have a retro look can give you a unique and functional kitchen. You can get a great 1940s look without spending a bundle and still […]