Flexible financing with mezzanine debt

Intermediate debt offers several benefits including increased financing, longer terms, late payments, and the ability to maintain control over the business. However, a clear advantage of intermediate debt is the flexibility it offers to borrowers. The mezzanine can be customized based on the specific capital need you may have. This flexibility makes it a creative financing option for small and […]

Is it an allergy or is it a cold?

After successfully surviving this winter without a cold, not even a cold, I was feeling pretty good about things. After all, I write articles on staying healthy through good nutrition and I am a distributor for a company that also offers great nutritional products. Therefore, I am supposed to stay healthy and not get sick. Then it happened! Suddenly I […]

What happened to Ameriquest Mortgage Company?

The Ameriquest Mortgage Company was one of the leading lenders on the US credit scene. Founded in 1979 in California as a bank then called Long Beach Savings and Loan, it was converted to become a mortgage lender in 1994 and was renamed Long Beach Mortgage Co. The company had two divisions and its retail portion was privately run and […]

Does being a bit of an idiot help soccer coaches win?

I recently found myself in a conversation on this topic with some prominent college football coaches and professionals. To be clear before continuing, I used jerk in my title to keep it as clean as possible, but much more colorful language was used in our conversation. The consensus, in this small sample, was that it is very difficult to win […]

Microsoft PixelSense

Microsoft PixelSense is the most revolutionary technology that can not only recognize touch but also real objects. It is basically a combination of software and hardware that provides a natural user interface for better interaction with the device. Microsoft PixelSense was initially released as Microsoft Surface. Microsoft provided both the hardware and the software. The current version of PixelSense is […]

A wrought iron bakers rack is the perfect wine rack

The wrought iron bakery rack is a great presentation for your most treasured wine collection. The detailed curves in some wrought iron designs may be reminiscent of the curving, budding vines of the wine country. A bakery shelf is used for storing and displaying items, but unlike most furniture, it doesn’t take up much space. Some shelves come with built-in […]

Awards given to the Nissan 300ZX

The fourth generation Nissan 300zx hit the US market in 1990! Since its nationwide launch, car enthusiasts have been fascinated by this wonderful machine. Not only has it attracted the attention of sports car drivers around the world, it has also garnered more awards than most cars have ever dreamed of seeing. In fact, speaking of cars that dream … […]