A short lesson on child motivation for gymnastics parents

Today I am going to give you some quick and easy tips for

child motivation: I did not invent them, they are based

in psychological theory.

When we think of motivation, we think of an audience of

adults singing “I can do it” at a Tony Robbins seminar,

But motivation is just as important for children.

As a gym parent, you’ve probably already figured out how

it is an important motivation for children.

Teach your children about motivation and goals in a

Early age will help them feel fulfilled and successful.


But how? Let’s run through some ideas right now.

To begin, introduce your children to the concept of

set goals by having a discussion about them.

I don’t mean to read to your children, but to exchange

discussion about what they would like to achieve, I don’t know

too serious, they get a lot of it in school.

Keep it simple, fun and light, and remember to let your

children have a voice, listen to their ideas on how to achieve

goals and help develop them.

The next thing you can do is set up a target system -> using the

goals you created during your discussion, create a table

of achievable but challenging goals and place it somewhere

everyone can see it.

Ideas for goals might be to learn a new gymnastics skill.

within a certain period of time, rank among the top 10 gymnasts

at the next meeting or achieve a certain grade level in the

next school report card.

It is also a good idea to set rewards for each objective:

Also include it on the objective sheet.

When a goal is achieved, give your child his reward and

put a big check mark, smiley face or stamp on the goal

graph and gather all the members of the house to

witness the momentary occasion and give encouragement.

When a goal is not achieved, tell your child that he can see

they’re working hard but need to try harder, too

Make sure the objectives are not too difficult!

Finally, set goals and stick to them to


You cannot expect your child to achieve if he or she does not have

discipline or self-control.

A great way to achieve goals together is to take on a

project at home. It could be painting the garage, planting a

new garden or even a craft project.

The idea is to show your child that great things are

achieved from constant work over a long period: too many

Today’s kids give up if something can’t be accomplished during

the commercial break !!

If you want to know more about motivation, I suggest you

check out my favorite book on the subject of Jason Michael


Good luck.

Written by Murray G. Hughes

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