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Are you a call station?

Sometimes I stay up late at night to watch a show called “Poker After Dark” where the best poker players in the world play a weeklong tournament, the winner takes it all.

I like this show because it looks a bit like business.

Poker, if you cut it down, is basically a game of calculated risks, so is your business.

The difference is that, in poker, luck plays a big role, so you can’t always win. Where in business, you can always win if you play your cards right.

Well the reason I’m so entertained with this show is that I like to see who loses and why.

Because it works the same way in business, the effects are more exaggerated and faster at the poker table.

It always comes down to two types:

1. The rogue who does not take calculated risks and plays with pure luck: for this person, there is no help.

2. The calling station, the person who doesn’t think the other player might have the winning hand and is driven by the urge to SEE it.

For the second type, there is some hope.

See this person lose because they bet every hand to the end, just to SEE. They are easily duped, their pile of cash quickly disappears, and they are out of the game.

Unfortunately, the home business realm is rife with “callers” who don’t know what they are, who everyone wants to see.

This is what I mean:

(TIP: Avoid these types yourself to accelerate your business success)

Sometimes I check what people are saying who, for some strange reason, decide to unsubscribe from my valuable tips and strategies when leaving, guess what?

He always says “show me”.

I know this because they will leave comments like “If your things are so good, why don’t you give them to me and when I win some money I will pay you with my winnings”.

That is the mentality of the caller. And callers always lose. Then …

I am happy to see you go.

These guys always lose because they want you to prove it to them first, they want magic, and then they’ll believe.

For all who “call”,

Sorry to burst your bubble, that’s not how THIS world works. Let me ask you something that I want you to think deeply about.

Do you know someone who is successful and has the modus operandi “Let me see if this works and if it works I will pay you?”


Successful entrepreneurs just don’t think like that, but do you know who does?

Employees: people who want a job. There is nothing wrong with wanting a job, all I’m saying is don’t confuse starting a business with a job.

They are different animals that live on different planets.

If you NEED money, which is something I hear a lot from callers when leaving.

The immediate solution is simple. Get a job.

Much less risk, they will pay you for your hours and there is always demand. Problem solved.

If you want to be successful in your home business, but are waiting for someone to come out and earn your first commission check so you can “see” the proof, you are going to live a long and frustrating life.

Look …

If you could place an ad and tell the vendor that I will pay you if it “works,” don’t you think you would?

If I could be trained by someone who has experience and is in a place that I want to go and I didn’t have to pay unless it “worked”, don’t you think I would?

Did you get the word by the way? “That”

When you take the “call station” stance, you are playing passively. You are letting the world make the decisions for you. Nothing is your responsibility and that a world is for mediocre people, neither you nor me.

Entrepreneurs would do it differently if it were possible, but in this world, you cannot be successful as a “call station”, successful people do.

They realize it’s not going to change for them, and then …

They adapt. They take the steps to grow. They take responsibility and take calculated risks because they see two things:

They see the opportunity in that.

They see that it is the way to wealth and happiness.

And play along …

You cannot have both. You can be a free charger and get by, okay, not a bad person for that.


You can step up and play like the winners play and reap the rewards.

Free “call stations” and chargers want magic; they want some force to come into their life and change it as they sit and watch.

They will never tell you that directly, but they know that this is what they really “expect.”

Then they wait to “SEE” when the magic will happen.

By doing that, they never give magic a chance to come into play.

The magic is there and available to them, but …

You don’t grow a large organization in your business waiting to see what happens. You think it’s going to happen. Make it happen. Then you inspire others with your passion and drive.

That’s where the magic lives.

You see the opportunity. You take it at all costs. And in that, magic enters your life.

Play to win or play to “see” that the winner beats you and “calls”, you decide.

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