Introducing a sugar glider to other pets

Is it possible to successfully introduce a sugar glider (“SG”) to another pet, such as an adult dog or cat? Of course it is! While some people claim that exotic animals like sugar gliders will never get along with more domesticated animals like dogs, the truth is that sugar gliders are extremely enthusiastic when it comes to bonding with an […]

Construction contractor, handyman or broker?

All homeowners need help around the house, from small repairs or fixes to renovations. But how can you determine what kind of professional to hire? Here are some tips and differences in home improvement professionals that you should consider. Contractor vs. Handyman: A contractor’s fee to handle small projects can often be prohibitively expensive. A handyman typically handles small jobs […]

Internet Home Business Ideas: 5 Important Steps to Start Your Internet Businesses

You should consider the following when you start looking for home business ideas on the Internet: Having read articles and watched videos about online marketing, I’m sure you’re excited about how the Internet has become the fastest business model in history to turn so many people into millionaires. As you enter the world of internet marketing, you need to remember […]

NBA Conference Finals Preview

The NBA Conference Finals are usually a good time. Two expected heavyweights and two surprises in the NBA final four should continue that trend. Even better, without the Cleveland LeBronaliers, we’ll be treated to four entire teams that don’t run a “stand and watch that guy” offense. Ok, maybe 3 ½ depending on how Kobe feels. We’ll see… Eastern Conference […]

Pros and cons of online business

Website sales have become so popular that other retailers, even those you’d never think would take the online approach, have come online. A recent example would, of course, be giant retailers like Wal-Mart, now competing with Amazon instead of Amazon competing with them. Amazon recently celebrated its 20th anniversary with “huge” sales for its Amazon Prime Day. Wal-Mart retaliated by […]

Combine colors like a design expert

Choosing the right colors when designing your home spaces is probably the key component to creating beautiful interior designs. It’s hard to believe that something as simple as color can have such an impact on our lives, both mentally and visually. Small spaces seem bigger and large spaces become more welcoming and warm. Color can visually raise or lower a […]

Can the bicycle save the world?

We were 45, all brave. Under an optimistic blue sky, we stand with our bikes on the banks of the Bosphorus on the Asian side of Istanbul, posing for the camera, helmets on. The date, August 4, 2007. In 15 minutes, we would embark on what some considered an impossible, even silly, expedition: a 10,700km journey that followed the fabled […]