The best computer for graphic design

Since desktop publishing (DTP) appeared in the 1980s, graphic designers have been using computer technology. This has pushed all graphic designers to be proficient with computer hardware to say the least. What is desktop publishing (DTP)? In the 1980s, it was a common term applied to digital publishing systems. These systems were developed to replace the large specialized prepress layout […]

Selling Antiques on eBay: Is It a Dead End?

The basic idea of ​​eBay is simple: it is about connecting buyers and sellers within the exciting setting of an auction environment. It was originally a forum for people to trade or buy and sell items of relatively modest value. Over time it grew and expanded to become a major online auction site for just about anything you can think […]

Antimicrobial mats for safe and hygienic kitchen areas

When it comes to the accumulation of bacteria and dirt, one of the common places where these elements occur is in the kitchen. Kitchens in the home or in various commercial spaces can be considered some of the highest traffic areas as this is where people work, especially when it comes to kitchens in restaurants, hotels and other commercial establishments. […]

Natural gas vehicles (NGV)

Today I write about NGV or “natural gas vehicles”. I have always been fascinated by cars and engines. When I was attending Cal Poly in the 1990s, I chose natural gas vehicles as the subject of my senior project. I took my little Toyota pickup and converted it to run on natural gas. I was able to do the conversion […]

Why are people ungrateful?

Gratitude is one of the qualities that we are expected to have and should have, but it is lacking in too many cases. There are some people that nothing will help them, no matter what you do for them, they are not happy and no matter what you do for them, they will not see it as a favor or […]

The story of Jesus at the dry cleaner

A story is told within the Syriac apocryphal gospel of the childhood of the young Jesus entering the shop of a dyer named Salem and proceeding to throw away all the cloth that was given to the dyer to dye into a vat containing indigo dye. The dyer, convinced that his business was ruined, became enraged with Jesus and began […]

How many have there been?

Starting with George Washington, there have been 43 presidents, including the current one, George W. Bush. But how many secretaries of the Treasury have there been? Has anyone ever counted them? Has any president had more than three or even three? FDR was elected four times, served three full terms and part of the fourth before dying on April 12, […]