Change the hard drive of your PS4

The PlayStation 4 launched with a 500 gigabyte hard drive. How adorable! They think 500 gigabytes is enough data! Hi Sony! This is not 2008. 500 concerts are not enough. Not when your games have mandatory facilities. Not when your games are 40 to 50 gigs a piece. You’re juggling the data for us. That’s fine with smartphones, where apps […]

Comparison between ODT and PDF files

ODT and PDF are file formats that are commonly used with text documents. While ODT is associated with Sun Microsystems’ Open Office / Star Office, PDF is associated with Adobe System Incorporated’s Acrobat / Adobe Reader. ODT or Open Document Text Document is an XML (Extensible Hypertext Markup Language) format for open source text documents. It was developed by OASIS […]

The history of common Renaissance superstitions

The superstitions of the Renaissance presented people with a confusing mix of an enlightened view of science, as well as beliefs in pagan and supernatural influences beyond one’s control. The Renaissance period is loosely associated with Europe from the 14th to the 17th centuries. As an attempt to fight the control of a seemingly uncontrollable world, the Renaissance superstitions of […]

Easy Tips for Finding the Best English Bulldog Puppies

Today, many people are captivated by how adorable a new pet can be and often do not fully understand all that pet care ultimately entails. Various dogs are likely to have different needs. For example, if you are considering purchasing one of the many affordable English bulldog puppies for sale, make sure you know what is applicable in order to […]

Only 2%

Last month, Pine Financial Group hosted the Minnesota Real Estate Investor Success Summit 2020, it was a great event and we had our best attendance to date with over 215 registrants. I had the opportunity to be the emcee of the event, which is always fun because deep down I think I’m a comedian. Ask my wife and she will […]

Life imitates art in western Maine

When most of us think of Maine, we envision coastal fishing villages, preppy island resorts, and vintage lighthouses. A tour of western Maine is a lake and forest adventure in a region full of real and imagined ties to novelist Stephen King. Bridgton, where King raised his children, became the town of “Castle Rock” in its stories. The writer summers […]

PTAC Units: All You Need To Know

PTAC Units PTAC units come in different models and configurations to meet a variety of cooling needs. This makes them a good investment for any business that needs an efficient air conditioning solution. For example, these units are great for small businesses that do not need to regularly use heaters or residential homes that do not need central air conditioning. […]