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Avril Lavigne – Sk8er Boi

Sk8er Boi is the second single from pop-rock star Avril Lavigne’s debut album Let Go. Written by Lavigne and The Matrix and released in 2002, Sk8er Boi reached number ten on the US Billboard Hot 100. , thirteen in Canada, three in Australia and number one in Spain.

Sk8er Boi was used in many different media. It has been heard on the television show Cold Case. It also appears in the Elite Beat Agents and SingStar Pop video games. In 2003, the song was chosen for a movie by Paramount Pictures, but has either been abandoned or is in development hell.

The song Sk8er Boi is about a preppy girl and a skater boy. The boy openly likes the girl, but she refuses to tell him her true feelings, which she also likes, due to pressure from her friends. Eventually he becomes a rock star and she sees him on television. She regrets not telling him her feelings while she had the chance. Now she is dating someone else.

Some people attribute the song’s inspiration to Marc Gould, whom Lavigne was dating at the time. Other people say that Sk8er Boi is Lavigne’s autobiography, with one small exception, she is the skater who liked a preppy boy.

The music video was directed by Francis Lawrence. The video begins with a man in an alley with a pile of spray paint on the ground. You’re announcing a concert that Lavigne is putting on. The video continues with advertisements seen everywhere from computers and cell phones to cups of coffee. There is even a star, the symbol of their concert, spray painted on the road. In the middle of the music video, it shows Lavigne and her band getting ready for a concert on top of cars. The concert begins and people begin to fill up around the cars. Finally, the police try to stop the concert. They start to put people in the police car and Lavigne ends his concert by smashing his guitar against a windshield. The last shot of the video is of a helicopter flying over Lavigne and Lavigne looking at it. FYI If you watch the music video closely, you will see Lavigne change from blue pants to black with his green shirt in the middle of the music video.

In the music video, Lavigne wears a green and gold shirt from Wilkesboro Elementary in North Carolina. He picked up the shirt at a thrift store in New York. Orders came in from all over the world for the shirt Lavigne had worn in the video. The shirts had been out of circulation for four years, but were reprinted. The school made enough money from the sale of T-shirts to buy new computers.

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