Cat care: How often should you bathe your cats?

Unlike dogs, cats are excellent at grooming. They can stay clean even without our help. However, there are also times when we must intervene. For example, those with outdoor cats know that it is not surprising to see their cats come home covered in dust or even motor oil, as they love to sneak into dark corners like cars and attics.

According to the National Cat Groomers of America, it is advisable to bathe your cats (with a dryer) every 4 to 6 weeks to keep their fur clean and shiny, as well as to prevent tangling or fighting.

How often should you bathe cats? It depends on several circumstances:

  • Temperature: I live in a tropical country where most of the time the climate is hot and humid. In these cases, it is best to bathe your cats once or twice a week (or as needed), as they are prone to heat stroke in the same way as humans. Vice versa, if you live in a cold country, you can do it at least once a month just to keep them free from dandruff and fleas.

  • Shredded Fur: Definitely, if you see his shredded fur, then it’s time for a cat to brush and bathe him. Brushing them regularly with special pet combs can also prevent shredded fur.

  • Outdoor cats vs. indoor cats: Outdoor cats need to be bathed more often than indoor cats. Regularly brushing your indoor cats can reduce hairballs and clean their fur.

  • Coat Length: Cats such as Maine Coons, Persian cats, and Norwegian Forest cats should be bathed regularly as they have longer coats compared to British shorthairs and Siamese.

  • Personal care habit: there are cats that take good care of themselves and they are the ones that are not so good at it. Take one of my Persian cats as an example. He had a white Persian cat named “Sugar” who is not so good at grooming himself. She cannot keep her fur as white as before, unlike my house cat named “Bernard”. So when I bathe Sugar, I really have to scrub her thoroughly to get that sparkly white robe back.

  • Health Issues – If your cat has any skin irritation or maybe fleas and ticks all over it, it is absolutely necessary to bathe him regularly along with a topical treatment for his health issue.

It is absolutely safe to bathe your cats. In addition, it can also be a bonding activity for both of you, especially if you started young. This mesh bath bag is a great tool to use if you find it a bit difficult to bathe your cats. It has a secure lock feature that is safe and will not harm your cats. However, I think it is more helpful in keeping your cats from moving around while trimming their nails.

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