Clear the air, please!

A new public health hazard is occurring in shopping malls, live vendor shows, markets, workplaces, and in a variety of public places where children are present. What is this practice? People encouraged by their uplines to spew airborne fragrance particles that infiltrate the vicinity, without their permission. I have asked those who participate in throwing fragrances not to throw fragrances […]

Aviator Sunglasses: Why Are They So Popular?

Aviator sunglasses were originally designed in the 1930s for US Air Force pilots, but seem to have recently re-emerged as a popular fashion accessory for men and women alike. Frequently seen in movies and worn by celebrities, pilots, US police officers, and military personnel, aviator sunglasses continue to be very popular. With many different designer brands now producing their own […]

UAV acoustic device for insect swarm stimulation, first part

Can we persuade the lukewarm of locusts to attack our enemies? It seems that we can do this by means of a directional sound stimulus. Disrupt the enemy by guiding massive swarms of locusts towards communication posts, radar installations, SAM sites, command and control stations, logistics sites, large infrastructure using unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with sound devices typically used in […]

Hollywood Thriller, “The Equalizer” Reveals a Key Leadership Lesson for Leaders Around the World

Just as books can serve as a springboard for learning, some movies can produce insightful tenants on leadership development. In the recent Hollywood blockbuster “The Equalizer,” renowned actor Denzel Washington stars as Robert McCall, a discreet supervisor at a local Home Depot. However, his authentic self remains distant. Nobody really knows the real Robert McCall. However, as the film progresses, […]