Watch the characters grow up: the one who catches in the rye and slays a nightingale

For most of us, reading “The Catcher in the Rye” and “To Kill a Mockingbird” stands out as a highlight of the enlightened high school experience. This is not Charles Dickens; Both stories are told by young protagonists in everyday speech and are full of youthful ideas, meaning that adulthood sucks. Holden Caulfield and Scout Finch are two boys looking […]

Drummer Dethklok, Gene Holgan

Born in Dallas, Texas, on August 31, 1967, Gene Holgan is known for his creative drum arrangements. He bought his first drum set at the age of 14 and in fact taught himself without any outside help. Kiss and Rush were his favorite bands to play while he was learning to play drums, in fact that helped him become the […]

Billiard history: brief chronology

The term “billiards” comes from the French word “bille”, which means “ball”, which refers to a game of ball and stick, and the word “art”, which represents the art of the game. Billiards has been around for many centuries, originating as lawn games in much of the world more than 700 years ago. These days, it’s typical to see a […]

New golf book scores an ace

I don’t play golf. But that didn’t stop me from laughing out loud at story after story in Don Boehm’s new collection of 100 true stories about golf and its players. To collect all the stories in Right Distance, Wrong Direction, Don has traveled across the country from city to city playing golf. In each city, he has also worked […]