Email Guts – The Guts of an Effective Email Marketing Message

In terms of their success as effective marketing tools, the composition of email messages is more important than ever. With the mountain of email being thrown into cyberspace these days, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for marketers to get their messages delivered, opened, and read by prospects and customers. The success and effectiveness of email marketing campaigns, large or small, essentially […]

Car accessories are necessities

I don’t know if it was ever properly documented, but I bet car accessories have been around since the first car was in the hands of the first private car owner. The dice clichés of rear-view mirrors, license plate frames, radio antenna balls, or other automotive exterior accessories probably weren’t used (mostly due to the lack of those items on […]

Performance chips fuel your vehicle with a big dose of power

Whether you want a performance chip you can just plug and forget, or one you can constantly tinker with to find the perfect setup, AutoAnything has the right electrical gear for you. We have three different styles of performance chips to choose from, each with their own unique characteristics and capabilities. Yet for all their differences, the one thing they […]

Easy advertising for your website or business

Getting free publicity for your website or business is the Holy Grail of marketing. This is typically the domain of public relations (PR) experts who will feature stories in publications on your behalf and charge you up to several hundred dollars an hour to do so. This is actually something that you can easily do yourself using the power of […]

Owning a disused used car

the wrong notion In the past, people thought of used cars as piles of junk looking for a place to rest in peace. To them, a used car meant a car that was so abused that it was no longer fit to return to the roads. reality check A savvy marketing guy sought to change the image of used cars […]

Maruti Suzuki – New and Used Car Market in India

The Indian auto industry is growing and newcomers like Ford Figo and Chevrolet Beat are challenging Maruti Suzuki’s existing product portfolio. However, it still maintains a strong position in the Indian market and is keeping quiet. Recently, the automaker introduced the new fuel-efficient WagonR with the K-series engine. As for the April 2010 sales, Maruti Suzuki India Limited showed a […]

The 7 irrefutable laws of success in sales

All sales training methods have varying levels of success in the world of sales. While sales training consultants and sales training articles discuss method, behavior and appearance, the important laws of sales success will get results. These seven irrefutable laws of sales success will get you results and should be at the forefront of your efforts in all phases of […]