The need to adjust accounts receivable

(1) Definitions: first we have to define some terms: * Accounts receivable represent amounts owed by customers who have purchased merchandise or services on credit and who have agreed to pay within a specified period or when invoiced. * Bad debt expenses (synonyms: bad debt expenses) represent customer amounts that are not collectible; Bad debt expenses are estimated and recorded […]

Mayflower Moving Company Copenhagen

Mayflower Moving Company Whether you’re making a long-distance move across the country or just looking to make a change within a small area, Mayflower Moving Company Copenhagen is the best choice for your next move. The Mayflower Moving Company offers personalized service and top-notch equipment. Regardless of your needs, we can make your move stress-free. The Mayflower team will assist […]

What is Ryoshi Token Worth?

Ryoshi Token Worth If you’ve been thinking of investing in the Ryoshi Token, you should know that it is a relatively new cryptocurrency. Its value has been growing steadily for the past 6 months, and the current price is $0.000000, with a 24-hour trade volume of $629,646. The price is ranked #49110 by market capitalization, and it is currently traded […]

10 Great Places to Book Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements There are a lot of great places to book speaking engagements. These places will give you the opportunity to speak in front of large crowds, which is great for your profile. You can even create your own website to display your bio, testimonials, and other relevant information. Having a website is like having a personal business card, and […]

Fundamentals of contract law

No matter where you live in North America, you must have seen some humorous cartoons depicting a not-so-trustworthy real estate agent intending to sell a home to an innocent-looking couple. My favorite cartoon, which still makes me chuckle, dates back to a few years ago when I was practicing real estate at United Realty. It was a Pompeii Realty realtor, […]

Top Four Motivations of Canadians Working Abroad

Canadians working abroad have many opportunities to grow and advance in their careers, a fact that significantly affects their decision to go abroad. Whether you stay in the Commonwealth, go to the states, or travel to faraway lands, there are several good reasons to find employment outside the country. 1. Living abroad provided opportunities for adventure and personal growth. At […]

Getting along with co-workers

At a mall, I recently passed someone wearing a T-shirt that had the words “DOES NOT PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS” in three-inch capital letters on the front. I thought it was fun. But, when you have a co-worker who seems to have those words tattooed on their forehead, it’s no laughing matter. Lee Iacocca said: “The statement, ‘He’s good, but […]