5 Steps to WordPress Speed ​​Optimization

This is the age of technology and people’s attention span is getting shorter day by day. Therefore, the loading time of the website should be as fast as possible. In addition to increasing conversions, speed optimization can also offer many SEO benefits. According to Google research studies, 53% of online searchers click if a website does not load within 3 […]

How popular is Drupal as a CMS?

Today, every web developer has the choice of several open source content management systems, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and Blogger. But the choice of content management system (CMS) differs from one website owner to another. According to the latest usage statistics published on various websites, WordPress and Joomla have a larger market share than Drupal. But Drupal is still […]

Importance of test automation for business agility

Manual testing is performed by Software Quality Analysts (QA) who carefully analyze the software through the application screens and test various combinations of usage and input. They compare the results with the expected behavior and record their observations. However, these manual methods need to be repeated frequently during the software life cycle due to a sudden change in the source […]

Newsletter Calendar: Creating a Schedule for Your Business Marketing Newsletter

A newsletter calendar keeps your publication up to date. Whether you send it by post or email, creating a regular newsletter for your current and potential customers is an important marketing strategy. However, many organizations struggle to find topics for their newsletters or have trouble publishing newsletters on a set schedule. To avoid these problems, companies can borrow a technique […]

Digital Optimization: Seven Ways to Keep Your B2B Digital Media on Track

Today’s business firms, marketers are never short of stakeholders suggesting new ways to leverage social media, Web 2.0, SEO/SEM, mobile apps, and all other digital tools. But what criteria do you apply to determine what is worthwhile and what is a waste of resources? Here are seven considerations to start optimizing your digital efforts. 1. Make sure nothing happens without […]

Features of online blogs

With numerous readers, blogs have become very popular as a portal for entertainment, for news, and for business purposes all at the same time. Little by little, blogs are gaining great importance in day-to-day news. We have seen in the past that blog posts have affected the political scene of a country. Blogs gained popularity especially after 1998. But this […]

music licensing companies

Revenues from the music industry have experienced steady growth over the past decade, and experts project that they will stay that way for the foreseeable future. The numbers may rise with the growing popularity of streaming among the younger generation. As physical sales declined in early 2010, other outlets emerged, and millions of independent musicians turned to licensing their music […]