Important Considerations for Improving Social Media Engagement and ROI for Small and Medium Businesses

Chances are you understand the growing importance of social media in attracting customers and prospects to your website, as well as announcing a special event or product promotion. And while there are many different forms of social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.), most users don’t know how to use them effectively to help improve the ROI of marketing communications. Just […]

Link Scanner Lite

When you start installing this utility, you have the option to use the full Pro version for 15 days, after which you will revert to the Lite version. Also in the installation window there is the option to participate in the Community Intelligence Network. This is optional and is explained in the installation window. The installation adds a BHO (Browser […]

How to plan your blog content

Preparing and planning your blog content will put you ahead of the pack in a huge way. Believe it or not, many bloggers only write when inspiration strikes and don’t have a regular content plan. But, those who are serious about creating a high value blog that makes money, start with a plan. Understand who your audience is Part of […]

Not Your Grandpa’s Factory: Modernizing Manufacturing to Attract Millennials

Why is engagement so important in manufacturing and the skilled trades? Because according to a 2013 industry report, for every four business positions from which workers leave, the industry produces only one replacement. Worse still, it is forecast that in the next decade, 2 million of the 3.5 million available manufacturing jobs will go unfilled due to a lack of […]

Binary Options Trading Mistakes to Avoid

Binary options trading is very promising, but not everyone is successful in trading, while others seem to continually make profits from trading. The difference between those who succeed and those who fail is probably preparation. The first thing you should do when you think about getting into trading is to learn as much as possible, especially the basics about binary […]

Creative marketing ideas for shoe stores

During an economic downturn, the retail industry has taken a huge hit as customers simply don’t have as much discretionary income as they used to. Whether your shoe store is part of a large chain or just a small independent retailer, you should always be on the lookout for new and exciting marketing ideas that can stimulate business. Here are […]

The purpose of a mission statement and why your business needs one

Whether your business is a corporation employing thousands or a startup operated out of your garage, you need a mission statement. Often times, the only difference between a profitable business and a failed one is the attention paid to understanding the purpose of the business itself: the mission. A properly crafted mission statement increases efficiency, productivity, and profitability. When carefully […]