Budget and Manage Finances While Studying Abroad

Budget and Manage Finances While Studying Studying abroad is an incredible experience that can be both challenging and rewarding. It is important to budget and manage finances properly so that students can make the most of their time abroad. There are many costs that will need to be considered, including tuition fees, accommodation, airfare, insurance, and food. The best way […]

Is There a Community Room Area in the Student Accommodation?

Community Room Area in the Student Accommodation Getting accepted into college or university can feel like a big achievement. However, the work doesn’t stop there. There’s a lot to do including sussing out the nightlife, planning for your course and most importantly finding the right student accommodation Glasgow. Thousands of students arrive in Glasgow each year to study, which means […]

What is the Cancellation Policy for Student Housing in Cambridge?

Cancellation Policy for Student Housing in Cambridge The cancellation policy for Cambridge student accommodation is one of the most important aspects to consider when deciding where you will live while at university. Students should be aware that they are responsible for their accommodation if they cancel their booking after the Cooling Off Period has expired. They also will be liable […]

How Many Bedrooms Do the Student Apartments Have?

Do the Student Apartments Have Depending on your budget and preferences, you can find student apartments with varying numbers of bedrooms. For example, you can rent a one-bedroom apartment that is equipped with a small kitchen, or you could choose to share a larger flat with a friend and split the cost. You can also find studio apartments with ensuite […]

A Guide to Living Abroad in Loughborough student accommodation

Living Abroad in Loughborough student accommodation Loughborough is a bustling town that is home to an internationally recognized top ten university. As a leading UK university, it has a reputation for research that matters and offers a world-class student experience. Students enjoy the freedom to explore their academic interests and develop a range of skills, ensuring they graduate with an […]

Is There a Leasing Office in Bristol Student Accommodation?

Leasing Office in Bristol Student Accommodation The UK’s vibrant student city, Bristol is a creative hub of music and arts, where students can enjoy an enviable social scene and world-class education facilities. From the city centre that never sleeps to the 19th-century warehouses and galleries of the Waterfront area, Bristol is bursting with a cultural scene, making it one of […]

Student apartments in Sheffield offer the perfect combination

Student apartments Sheffield is one of the UK’s most popular student cities for many reasons. It has a unique culture steeped in history and tradition. This city is also home to a number of famous universities including the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University. Students can choose from a range of private Sheffield student accommodation such as studio apartments, […]