Thomas Russell and the first English watch industry

The Thomas Russell name is synonymous with the Lancashire watch industry and is an icon to watch purists and enthusiasts the world over. But how he became a watchmaker and why Lancashire played such an important role in the watch industry is a fascinating story. In the 17th century, farmers and farm workers who needed to supplement their income during […]

Miles i’ve traveled

MILES I HAVE TRAVELED Miles I have traveled the land and the sea Planes, ships, trains and cars took me Buses and bicycles, skates and on foot Of movement and travel I have known a lot Over the land and the oceans and the clouds above I felt the need to explore and all nature to love. On baby scooters […]

Romantic poems

Romantic poems have been written since the late 18th century with pioneers such as William Blake and Wordsworth practicing their craft. Hot on their heels in the next century came Shelley, Keats, and Byron. His poems about love were based on self-expression and individual feeling incorporating feeling. My first poem focuses on a deep attraction and unbridled desire for a […]

Alliance Cooking Guide: Fishing for Raw Redgill

This Alliance Cooking Guide will look at fishing for raw red gill to level your culinary skill beyond the difficult 225-300 ranges. Most people find that it takes them several hours to farm the materials needed to get to 300 by following other guides, but my Alliance Cooking Guide will get you there in about 1 hour Fishing for Raw […]