Aldosterone to lose water weight

Sometimes a guy wants to look as skinny and skinny as possible. It can be for a competition, a photo shoot, or maybe just a hot date. Whatever the reason, aside from muscle definition, there are two factors that impact how lean and defined you look: body fat and water retention. Obviously, you can’t look shredded if you have a […]

The truth about losing weight

Thousands of articles on how to lose weight are written each year, each suggesting a different way to do it. The truth, however, is that any excess weight you may gain is related to how many calories you take in and how many you consume each day. It’s as simple as that, and no one can prove otherwise. It’s like […]

7 keys to good health through good breathing

A very common slogan among asthmatics is “When you can’t breathe, nothing else matters”, alluding to the despair of those who cannot inhale the air that gives life. Is life-giving air the whole story about breathing? This article takes common breathing tips and gives reasons for their effectiveness. It goes further and provides essential elements in breathing technique for better […]

Why is obesity growing disproportionately?

According to some statistics, almost a third of people in the western world are obese or overweight and the rate is increasing. This trend seems to continue where people only snack to become obese, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down any time soon. We ask ourselves the question: Where does obesity come from? What is the […]

Maintenance of refrigeration, cold rooms and freezers

Most refrigerators and walk-in coolers seem virtually indestructible and trouble-free, but you’ll get a longer life by following these safety and maintenance tips. Clean door gaskets and hinges regularly. Door gaskets, made of rubber, can rot more easily if they are covered in food or dirt, weakening their sealing properties. They can be safely cleaned with a solution of baking […]

Home fitness equipment and you

There are many good reasons why you should care about your physical health and protect yourself from the increasing number of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity that threaten both men and women today. Home fitness equipment allows you to get fit in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Bring the gym to your home. The advantages of exercising […]

What’s the deal with penis shrinkage? Here’s everything a man needs to know about penile atrophy

Penile atrophy: It’s one of those medical terms that just doesn’t sound right. No one wants their muscles to atrophy, especially their love muscle. But just like spinach and sunscreen, it’s something a man should be aware of and try to prevent if possible. Penile atrophy, also known as penile shrinkage, is when the size of the penis appears to […]

HIIT Benefits for Chiropractic Patients

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has been shown to be one of the most effective exercise programs for weight loss. But can it also help the chiropractic patient? What is HIIT? HIIT is an exercise program that incorporates short bursts of intense exercise followed by slower exercise. Because it is so effective, people often see better results in much less […]