What Types of Cases Do Injury Lawyers Represent?

Injury attorneys specialize in tort law. (This includes civil damages, damage to a person’s property, reputation, or rights.) They deal with work injuries, car accidents, defective products, medical errors, slip and fall accidents, and more. Most personal injury attorneys work on contingency cases. This means that the only money a client owes the attorney is a percentage of a settlement. […]

Demystifying business valuations

Business valuations are one of the most misunderstood tools for a business owner. There are many reasons to conduct a business valuation. These include, but are not limited to, buying a business, selling a business, financial expansion, estate planning, retirement planning, owner income and wealth protection, property modification, and, Unfortunately, the divorce of the owner. You should expect to pay […]

What is the difference between a lawyer and a solicitor?

Life could never be the same as we expect. To live a peaceful life, we have to go through many winding roads. And, marriage is also an essential part of our lives that we always want to have sweet experiences. Disputes between brothers, sisters, family members and relatives over property become the focus of everyday attention and therefore require the […]

Plea Agreements Aren’t Unfair

The vast majority of criminal cases are resolved by guilty pleas to some charge, often a reduced charge or one with a plea agreement. Does this mean that the criminal justice system is corrupt? No problem. Nor does it mean that the criminal justice system is not fair. In cases that go to trial, the judge does not assume that […]

Things that can motivate someone to become a lawyer

Many people try to be a lawyer for a few different factors. Some people see it as a respectable practice to uphold the law and uphold justice, while others see becoming a lawyer as an impressive and surprisingly well-paying job. In this document I will lay out some of the reasons why one would love to be a lawyer. Profits […]

Coffee pods, T-Disks and K-Cups

Before you make coffee with coffee pods, even before you buy or price the coffee pods you plan to brew coffee with, you’ll want to choose a coffee pod maker. They’re not all exactly the same, so you’ll need to do some research to match everything up. There are several different pod sizes available, and some pods don’t fit some […]

12 Ecommerce Legal Issues to Consider When Running an Online Business

The following article provides a high-level summary of some key e-commerce law issues faced by online business operators when running a website or other e-commerce business. Conducting business online or maintaining a website can subject companies and individuals to unforeseen legal liabilities. The following is a brief survey of 12 key eCommerce law issues to consider: 1. Internet business and […]

Affordable education abroad

Nigeria is a country of about 140 million people: a rapidly growing country with an almost vibrant economy. The country over the years has been plagued by corruption. The social fabric has been in a deplorable condition, leading to unimaginative placements in world index standards. Education is vital in human existence; it is a tool that helps the government, the […]