How Is Severance Pay Calculated?

Severance Pay Calculated If a company is required to provide severance pay for employees it fires, it might also need to create a plan that defines how this amount will be calculated. This may help to avoid the need for individual negotiations on a case-by-case basis and ensure consistency throughout the organization. A large number of factors can impact the […]

How Bail Bonds Work in California

Bail Bonds Work The majority of people do not give bail bonds much thought, until they or a loved one needs to use it. At that time, they want to know how bail bonds work, and Frank S. Calabretta’s Bail House Bail Bonds wants them to have the information they need in order to secure a quick release from jail […]

writing deep

Deep writing: write 3000 words a day When it comes to writing in depth, you find that you can write a lot. Sometimes, however, there is a blockage that prevents you from reaching your goals. To get the creative juices flowing again, you need to clear the path from desire to action. Use these three easy action steps to unleash […]

Great Technical Writing: How Small Businesses Can Create Great User Documents

General description Your product needs user documentation (manuals, instructions, etc.), but your small business (20-100 employees) doesn’t have in-house staff to create that documentation. This article describes how to select and enable your “non-writing” employees to create great user documentation. You NEED great user docs His product needs Excellent user documents (instruction manuals, user guides, reference manuals, instruction sheets, etc.): […]

Unemployment the silent killer

The first signs of an economic recession in the United States began in December 2007. In just one year, the unemployment rate has risen by an unimaginable 1.7 percent. In 2008, more than a million Americans lost their jobs. To understand the gravity of these statistics, you need to put yourself in the shoes of those people who are now […]

Perfect time to invest in Nepal

The business opportunity in Nepal has been underestimated for far too long. Entangled in political revolution for almost two decades, investing in Nepal was definitely a risky proposition. However, as the political agenda has rightly shifted towards economic growth, with a stable government, Nepal has become the perfect place to invest. Achieving GDP growth of 7.5% in 2017, signs of […]