Meet God’s Special Angels

Each religion that believes in only one God has its own version of the story of angels, dealing with their organization, hierarchy, and duties. Although guardian angels and archangels seem to be more closely related to Christianity, it was not Christians who formed the notion of angels. They adopted much of their basic concepts of angels from other religions, particularly […]

Benefits of past life regression

Past life regression is valuable and the only source for clearing/healing traumatic experiences in previous lives, which otherwise prevent us from fully fulfilling ourselves in this life and/or cause us distress. Additional benefits are the activation of creativity or a valuable talent that was actively expressed before but has remained dormant or unrecognized in this lifetime. Past life regression may […]

Herbal skin care products

With more and more reports of dangerous chemicals making their way into mainstream skin care products, many people are now choosing to go a more natural route to care for their skin. This has prompted them to seek out herbal skin care products more than ever in the history of the industry. Anything but new herbal skin care products have […]

Top 5 Cat Tattoo Designs

For feline pet lovers, cat tattoo designs are not just a trend; it is a deeply personal expression of oneself. Although there are many cat lovers walking this planet, as many as there are types of cats, you can still have a cat tattoo design that is sure to stand out from the rest. It may be in its type […]

Jealousy, disrespect and self respect

No matter how hard you try to justify jealousy (even in cases where you are cheated on), it is ALWAYS the lowest feeling one can experience. And if you feel jealous (no matter what the reason), you ALWAYS lose self-respect. When you’re feeling jealous, you’re usually operating on the mistaken assumption (somewhat of an “illusion”) that someone belongs to you, […]