Researchers have bad news for hangovers

The old popular aphorism, “Beer before wine and you’ll feel good; wine before beer and you’ll feel weird” was recently dispelled by a team of European researchers. The team conducted a study to examine whether a particular order of drinking helped to experience a less severe hangover. However, for the 76 percent of Americans, who experience a hangover after a […]

The Benefits of Buying Fair Trade Chocolate

Benefits of Buying Fair Trade Purchasing Fair trade products is a good idea. These purchases not only benefit the farmers, but the communities they come from as well. You can purchase fair-trade goods from places where the workers are paid fairly for their work. You can also learn about the practices of the farmers. In addition to supporting the farmer, […]

Yuma Arizona and beyond

Old Yuma, located along Main Street, was doomed from the start due to the flooding of the Colorado River that turned the back of the building into the mud from which they were made. Today, most of the main street is made up of buildings dating back to the 1920s. However, during the city’s early days in 1849, more than […]

the illuminati

At the heart of virtually all conspiracy theories involving the NWO is the shadowy group known only as the Illuminati. To this day, there is no group that claims this title, so it is assumed that everything they do is done in secret, so it is impossible to know the identity of any of the members. However, certain international think […]

How to select a good restaurant for dinner

Good food is something everyone wants. Dining out has become a major trend today. Families are rarely found eating at home on the weekends, as long waiting lists for tables at restaurants have become a common phenomenon. Eating out is easy, fast, and fun. Whether it’s a family reunion, a business lunch, or a children’s birthday party, people are always […]