Dog Training Books: Are They Good?

Are dog training books good? Is spending your hard-earned money on dog training books worth it? In a word, maybe. It depends on who wrote the book. Dog training is a tough subject to be good at – I’ve had a lot of success training my dogs, but similarly, I’ve had a lot of failure when I first started out […]

Crate training your new puppy

You’ve made the decision to bring a new puppy into your home, and now you have to decide how you plan to train it. Crate training your new pup is an option you have. A lot of controversy surrounds the concept of crate training your pet. Some dog lovers say it’s a great idea that actually works well, while others […]

Cats and Dogs by Andy Warhol

In 1954 Andy Warhol, a renowned cat lover, published a series of 25 cat portraits in book form. Printed on limited edition, hand colored and watermarked Arches paper, the etchings were privately printed and made as a Christmas keepsake. He named his book 25 Cats Name Sam and One Blue Pussy. He originally intended it to say “…Named Sam”, but […]

Memorizing the Planets of the Solar System

When I was a student, I had a really hard time memorizing the planets in order. I would like to share an effective method to memorize nine planets from the book ‘Master Your Memory’ by Tony Buzan. First write the names of all the Planets in our Solar System on a piece of paper. Now check with the order I’ve […]

Balanced Diet for Siberian Husky Nutrition

When you pick up your puppy from the dog breeder, ask him for advice on the best diet to feed your Siberian husky. Initially, follow the diet that he recommends. But as your dog grows into an adult, you’ll need to change his diet to suit your preferences. Do not make sudden changes to your dog’s diet, as this can […]

swiss golden steak

I was pouring a glass of iced tea when our neighbor Ginny announced her presence in the kitchen in the usual way, with a brief hacking cough. I could never figure out if this was some kind of code between her and the aunt, or if she was too shy to say hello. That thought lasted for about half a […]

Top 10 Questions to Ask a Maine Coon Kitten Breeder

When looking to buy a Maine Coon cat, you’ll want to ask every breeder the same questions. Most breeders are more than happy to share information and answer your questions. They want to make sure their kittens go to a safe and responsible owner. When you visit the breeder, look for active and curious kittens. Kittens may not necessarily approach […]

The importance of dog kennels

If you’re thinking about getting a puppy or dog, then you’ve no doubt done some research on the best way to train them to ensure they’ll be a wonderful addition to your home. You just need to do a little research to know that kennels are the best and most successful way to train your pup in a matter of […]

About dog obedience training

Are you interested in dog obedience training? Maybe you just got a new dog, maybe even a young puppy. And now you are looking for serious help. You want to be a good dog owner, but you also want your dog to be obedient. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for puppy training to get your new friend polite, or […]