Cottage Law and Cottage Estate Planning to save the family cottage and the memories you love

The Cabin Act is specific to the unique requirements of family cabins, vacation properties, hunting lodges, or other types of shared ownership. Cottage Law is a fairly new area of ​​legal practice. It gained momentum in the early 1990s when states created Public Laws that provide the essential legal framework to change the ownership relationship of cottage owners. Michigan lawmakers […]

How to Market Your Commercial Real Estate Loan Business

Too often I see small business owners miss the mark with their marketing. Sure, it’s easy to do when you specialize in a specific industry niche and spend your time wrapped up in industry jargon. However, it’s best to put yourself in your prospect’s shoes and think about your marketing from their perspective, addressing their most important questions. Your customers […]

The green mindset of proactive construction

There are many reasons to build green. Only one outdated reason not to build green remains. Cost has always been the biggest and most tangible objection to the shift to sustainability. Cost resistance is losing its credibility. Cost at the expense of the environment and accompanied by high energy costs no longer makes sense, or is that the pennies. The […]

The toilet without water

Most people don’t realize it, but it’s not washing dishes or taking a shower that consumes the most water throughout the day. It is actually the act of flushing a toilet. Older, less efficient toilets work by passing more than three gallons of water through the plumbing system with each flush. As water resources become more scarce, ways are being […]

Pattaya girls gave me a reason to live again

There I was 55 years old, they paid me good money but I couldn’t put a dent in the $80,000 I owed for 25 years, no girlfriend, divorced 2 times, my children hated me because they had been completely poisoned by their evil mother and now I realized I realized something was wrong mentally because my co-worker came up to […]

Save your first home down payment now

It is always better to own a home than to pay monthly rent indefinitely. Millions of people are interested in finally getting a home they can call their own. The idea of ​​buying a home is an exciting and daunting task at the same time. Buying your own property costs a lot of money. People who are currently renting find […]

Foreclosure Hunting for Cell Tower Leases

Real estate investors buying foreclosures are finding more and more apartment buildings with existing cell tower leases. Cell tower leases can be a foreclosure buyer’s best friend. However, buying foreclosed properties with a cell site lease is not easy, but offers are available. Even the savvy real estate investor who buys a lot of foreclosures probably isn’t an expert in […]

Soil retaining wall do it yourself

When it comes to holding tons of dirt, you basically have two options. Hire a mason and build a traditional cinder block wall, or you can do it yourself with interlocking (or segmented) retaining wall blocks. The use of block retaining walls instead of traditional concrete retaining wall construction is increasing in popularity. You may see many new commercial construction […]