Anoria Berry Recipes for Your Health and Pleasure

Introduction Anoria berries are at the top of the list when it comes to healthy antioxidant levels. They have more antioxidants than any other fruit. Its antioxidant levels are even above the antioxidants of blueberries, higher than pomegranates, higher than blueberries, higher than acai, grapes, elderberries, and other fruits. Black Anoria berries commonly known as black chokeberries are now known […]

Vegan and Meatless Kale Salad Recipe – A Tasty, Raw Way to Get Your Veggies

Vegan and meatless holiday recipes are probably the most delicious dishes on the table during the holiday seasons and special events. In fact, consider some of your favorite Christmas dishes. It’s not very often that I hear people “rave” about how delicious the turkey was (bless it). Instead, I usually hear things like “wow, that mac n cheese was absolutely […]

10 great benefits of Halloween

How do you feel about Halloween? Getting into the action of dressing up or helping your kids find a costume? Or are you just looking forward to November 1? Since I am a holistic marriage and family therapist, I focus on the different ways that people can feel better physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. My mission is to help people […]

Greeting card and its importance

A greeting card is just a small piece of printed or hand painted or handmade paper with a printed or handwritten message to convey your feelings to someone. Today there are so many ways in which we can express our feelings towards someone, such as an SMS, an email message, an electronic card, a fax message or just a phone […]

7 unromantic gifts to avoid this Valentine’s Day

For some, Valentine’s Day is a business celebration, which works best for florists, chocolate factories, greeting card companies, and gift shops. Now that I think about it, those who are in a romantic relationship, whether experienced or still in its blossoming stage, enjoy celebrating it. They may hate the pressure to buy tokens of love for their loved ones, but […]

When learning is not easy

From the moment we discover that we are expecting a child, our minds and hearts are overflowing with hopes and dreams for them. My son will be the most beautiful, brilliant and talented little person who has ever walked the Earth, right? And they are that for each of us! But sometimes, we discover that there is a “problem”. The […]