A Beginner’s Guide to Zoroastrianism

What is Zoroastrianism? Simply put, Zoroastrianism is the name given to religion and beliefs based on the teachings attributed to the Persian religious leader Zararthushtra (in Greek Zoroaster, in later Persian Zartosht). Mazdayasna (worship of Ahura Mazda) is the name of the religion that recognizes the divine authority of Ahura Mazda, the creator that Zarathustra discovered by studying nature and […]

Are they 5 inches large? Maybe for a child! 6.5 inches is average, and yes, size does matter! Frequently asked questions answered

Is it 5 inches large? No, unless he is a prepubescent boy. The average size of a grown man is 6.5 inches (still much smaller than what you normally see in adult movies), and size does matter for women. With a long, thick penis you can fill a woman up and give her that “helpless” feeling that drives her crazy, […]