Lake Koocanusa in Montana is the place to be

Friends of our family have always been enthusiastic about the Koocanusa area and the natural wonders found there. They own a property near Koocanusa Lake and use it as a refuge to get away from the daily stresses of work and responsibility. We are somewhat jealous of your getaway and nothing we would love to have the same. Although we […]

Escape to the Old City: St. Augustine, Florida

As the temperature rises, the mind drifts to thoughts of relaxing days by the ocean: white sand between the toes, a soothing lullaby created by gentle waves, and calm azure water that seems to stretch infinitely before you. The allure of the ocean is universal and beach vacations have been a traveler favorite for generations. As pristine beaches become harder […]

How to become a stripper in Dallas

First, make sure you have the proper documentation. The City of Dallas requires that an independent background check be conducted before you are allowed to work. It is not a commercial license and is run by a company called Bio-Verify. If you are a US citizen, please make sure you have 2 forms of identification (driver’s license, state issued ID, […]

Bayahibe Vs Punta Cana – Both in the Dominican Republic, but so different

Bayahibe was a mostly undiscovered gem on the south coast of the Dominican Republic until the late 1990s. Some independent travelers knew it before, but the more resort-oriented traveler had never heard of it. Bayahibe is becoming increasingly touristy, but there is still a striking contrast between Bayahibe and the much more popular Punta Cana resort megaplex on the east […]

How to plan a wedding in France or Germany

Getting married can be quite difficult at home, in your own country, speaking your own language, but imagine trying to plan a wedding in another country where you don’t speak the language. “What a disaster”, as they say in France or as the Germans would say “Was für eine Katastrophe”. But it does not have to be like that. By […]

Learn facts about the nocturnal red squirrel fish species of tropical fish

A mostly red tropical reef fish, the Hawaiian Menpachi squirrelfish stays in underwater caves during the day, swimming after dark to forage for food in the shallow waters above the reefs. They feed on crabs, invertebrates, zooplankton, and small fish. Because they are active mainly at night, their large eyes are important, as nocturnal creatures. Menpachi fish are good to […]

Steps to serve wine for restaurant servers

Why learn to serve wine correctly? If you have ever bought a bottle of wine from a good restaurant, you may have noticed that the waiter not only opens the cork and serves you a glass, but goes through a specific process of opening the bottle, allowing the buyer tastes the wine, then pour it in a specific way. This […]

Review: Monterey: Presidio, Pueblo y Puerto (The Making of America series)

From its opening pages, Jim Conway’s Monterey: Presidio, Pueblo, and Port demonstrates an impeccable scholarship of the subject area that will undoubtedly prove to be an important contribution to our understanding of the history of Monterey, California. According to Conway, the history of Monterrey is more than a mere categorization of its history into four periods: indigenous, Spanish, Californian, and […]