Visit Historic Marietta, Georgia

One of the largest suburbs in the Atlanta, Georgia metropolitan area, Marietta has a population of nearly 80,000. A great deal of effort is being made in Marietta to preserve its historic foundations while working to ensure that all newer developments are complete with the latest amenities. An excellent example of what is being done to bridge the past with […]

Inside Thailand: A Brief Overview

There is so much to see and do in Thailand that visitors can’t resist coming back again and again. The long coastline and impressive tropical islands promise wonderful beaches and a relaxed atmosphere. Inland and beyond, there are rice paddies, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, lush jungles teeming with wildlife. Predominantly a Buddhist country, Thailand also offers a host of golden […]

Essential on your shelf – Presentation Zen

Do you find most presentations overwhelmingly boring? Do you want to break free from the status quo? Wondering how you can leverage PowerPoint for maximum impact? If your hand is excitedly waving one or all of these ideas, grab a copy of a copy of Presentationzen: Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery by Garr Reynolds. Once my copy arrived, […]

7 tips for traveling with children

Traveling is a good thing. Almost everyone loves to travel. It is one of the things that awakens the soul as people are introduced to new places, cultures and societies. Travel adds flavor to our memories. There is a lot to consider when traveling with your children. More than the destinations you travel to, your children are more important. And […]

College Football Week #10: Where’s Frank Solich?

Ever wonder what happened to Frank Solich? You remember that guy: He was the coach at the University of Nebraska for six seasons. He was the loyal lieutenant who took over Tom Osborne’s Cornhuskers, proof positive that he’s never good at being the guy who replaces The Guy. After compiling a 64-19 record as Nebraska’s leader, Solich was cruelly and […]

Visiting Jamaica: A Brief Travel Guide

Travel agents in Jamaica are here to assist you in planning your vacation or business trip to this country. They can present many useful offers, such as processing visas, flight connections and other travel components. Jamaica is a small island state in the Caribbean Sea, discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1494. The country is known for a large number of […]

Wakeboard and water ski boat rentals in Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California, Idaho and Colorado.

Understanding how to operate your own competition wakeboard boat rental can be difficult, which is why we offer on-water training with any of our teams. We can teach you how to avoid harm to others around you and to the boat. All of our boat drivers/instructors have a certified boating license whether you are chartering or renting these amazing boats […]

The “Any Occupation Review”: What to Expect and How to Appeal

Have you received an “any occupation review” letter from your long-term disability insurance carrier? After you have been receiving long-term disability benefits for a certain number of months, usually 12 or 24 months, the definition of disability that you must meet will change. The letter from the long-term disability insurance company will usually include a copy of the definition of […]