Choosing an effective domain name

When you first start your business, one of the initial things you will need to do is choose a domain name for your business / website. In fact, your domain name will be one of the first things the other person will see when looking at your brand. One thing to keep in mind is that you will have to live with that domain name for a long time, so it better be a good one.

What does it mean to choose a domain name?

Since you are in the process of deciding which domain name to choose, you will want to consider certain concepts before making a final decision. You’ll want to choose a name that is short, unusual, and that typifies your particular brand. Okay, those are the things to keep in mind. What about the things you should not choose?

In addition to the few basics that have been outlined, there are a few additional details that you will want to consider as well. They will also help you choose the best possible domain name for your business.

Your domain name must:

  • Typify your brand: The name must have some aspect of your brand. It should also be a name that people will remember and that is unique to you and your company.

  • Be easy to pronounce: Is it easy for you to pronounce your domain name? Is it easy for other people to pronounce it too? If the answer to any of those questions is no, you may want to rethink the name and think of something that fits the criteria.

  • Be brief: The last thing you want is for your domain name to be long and cumbersome. You want it to be short, easy to write, easy to pronounce, and easy to share with other people.

  • Let, if possible: .com is still the most common suffix for domain names. That suffix works for all types of businesses, no matter what you sell. Of course, other suffixes will work as well, but they are not preferable.

  • Stay away from other similar domain names: If you have a domain name that sounds similar to the domain name of another company (or individual), you may run into problems. You certainly don’t want to get involved in any kind of copyright infringement problem. Take advantage of your creativity and create a name that is uniquely yours.

  • Use a strong keyword, if possible: A keyword is very important if it works on your domain name. That will help you stay optimized for search engines. However, it is not always possible to use a keyword. If you don’t have that option, you will come up with another creative domain name.

  • Give a clear message about what you are selling: If done correctly, your domain name will instantly inform people about your brand and your offerings. That will go a long way toward distinguishing the correct target audience from the people who are not actually your potential customers.

  • Not necessarily be carved in stone: Of course, you should keep in mind that your domain name will be with you for a long time. However, that does not mean that it will necessarily be with you forever. If, after a significant period of time, you find that your domain name no longer works for you (perhaps you have taken your business in a different direction), you can review the name and make it work for your new address.

  • Stay away from hyphens and numbers: Numbers and hyphens tend to confuse people. That especially applies if you tell the other person your domain name. The number and / or the hyphen can be confusing because the other person will not understand if you are using the number instead of the word and when it comes to hyphens, there are several different types of hyphens that the other person can use instead. In that case, he or she will never make it to your website (or at least not easily) and the person may end up just walking away. Why look for trouble?


As you set up your new business and put all the pieces in place initially, your domain name is one of the first things you need to establish. Domain names are not random in any way. A lot of thought goes into choosing a domain name and you need to make sure yours is a clear representation of who you are and what you stand for.

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