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Facts about bacterial vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis is a very common and uncomfortable infection that affects many adult women today. However, for most of us, the infection goes unnoticed and goes away on its own. But for women like me, the symptoms are irritable, embarrassing, and absolutely unpleasant. If you are not 100% positive for the exact symptoms, I will list them for you:

Fine, white or gray discharge
Foul (fishy) odor
Itching, burning, swelling
Painful intercourse – Although I highly recommend not having sex during a bacterial vaginosis infection, for some women it can be very painful and irritating. Not only that, you can push the infection further into your vagina, the same goes for douching.

If you experience any symptoms other than those listed above, I recommend that you go to a doctor or health clinic to get tested. It’s easy, fairly inexpensive, and helps make sure you know exactly what’s going on inside your body.

Little is known about the actual causes of bacterial vaginosis. We have theories and possibilities, but nothing really set in stone. Here are some common activities that have been linked to bacterial vaginosis:

Change of diet or exercise.
Tight underwear that does not breathe
New soaps or body detergents – If you get antibacterial soaps in or around the vagina, it can actually kill the good bacteria that help fight infection.

What we do know for sure is what causes the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis. First a little anatomy lesson. Inside your vagina, you have many different bacteria and organisms. The good guys, lactobacilli and several others, keep the bad guys, gardnerella, and others in check and eliminate the possibility of infections. The environment fluctuates, as do the weather and pH levels, and the levels of bad bacteria make the environment worse. When the numbers get worse, it opens the door to infection or, worse, disease. So what happens when you have bv is that the bad bacteria count is very high, and the byproduct of these organisms and bacteria is the symptoms, odor, swelling, etc.

In conclusion, you must return the flora (or environment) of your vagina to its normal state so that it heals on its own. This can be easily done by reintroducing good bacteria and supplements into your body. There are countless ways to do this. Note that prescription drugs only cure symptoms and lead to possible reinfection (about 65%). They don’t reintroduce much-needed organisms and supplements, they just ease symptoms, waiting for your body to recover. A natural method heals the body from the inside out, not the other way around. Thank you for reading.

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