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How many have there been?

Starting with George Washington, there have been 43 presidents, including the current one, George W. Bush. But how many secretaries of the Treasury have there been?

Has anyone ever counted them?

Has any president had more than three or even three?

FDR was elected four times, served three full terms and part of the fourth before dying on April 12, 1945. I wonder how many treasury secretaries he had.

How about gw? He’s had three treasury secretaries, so far, and he still has more than a year left for his second and hopefully last term even though the economy is in great shape, if you believe what he says.

Those millions of people who are about to lose their homes do not think so. But what do they know about it?

In Ohio, people who have lost their jobs can expect less on their unemployment checks, and businesses will have to pay more into the unemployment compensation fund.

There is probably a double counting here, as many people have lost their jobs and their homes.

Meanwhile, third quarter GDP was 4.9%! If you were running a business and your third senior accountant told you that you just had the best quarter of the year and you saw the mess things are in today, what would you do?

It turns out that even our first president had more than one Treasury secretary and the job is so popular that the United States has had a total of 74 Treasury secretaries. George W. Bush has to get to number five before he wins by having more, as several former presidents have had four Treasury Secretaries during their term (s) in office.

Secretaries of the Treasury, President (s)

Alexander Hamilton Washington

Oliver Wolcott Jr. Washington, Adams

Samuel Dexter Adams, Jefferson

Albert Gallatin Jefferson, Madison

George W. Campbell Madison

Alexander J. Dallas Madison

William H. Crawford Madison, Monroe

Richard Rush JQ Adams

Samuel D. Ingham Jackson

Louis McLane Jackson

William J. Duane Jackson

Roger B. Taney Jackson

Levi Woodbury Jackson, Van Buren

Thomas Ewing Harrison, Tyler

Walter Forward Tyler

John C. Spencer Tyler

George M. Bibb Tyler, Polk

Robert J. Walker Polk, Taylor

William M. Meredith Taylor of Fillmore

Thomas Corwin Fillmore, Pierce

James Guthrie Pierce, Buchanan

Howell Cobb Buchanan

Philip F. Thomas Buchanan

John A. Dix Buchanan, Lincoln

Salmon P. Chase Lincoln

William P. Fessenden Lincoln

Hugh McCulloch Lincoln, Johnson

George S. Boutwell Scholarship

William A. Richardson Scholarship

Benjamin H. Bristow Scholarship

Lot Mr. Morrill Grant, Hayes

John Sherman Hayes

William Windom Garfield, Arthur

Charles J. Folger Arthur

Walter Q. Gresham Arthur

Hugh McCulloch Arthur, Cleveland

Daniel Manning Cleveland

Charles S. Fairchild Cleveland, Harrison

William Windom Harrison

Charles Foster Harrison, Cleveland

John G. Carlisle Cleveland, McKinley

Lyman J. Gage, McKinley, Roosevelt

Leslie M. Shaw Roosevelt

George B. Cortelyou Roosevelt

Franklin MacVeagh Taft, Wilson

William G. McAdoo Wilson

Carter Glass Wilson

David F. Houston Wilson

Andrew W. Mellon Harding, Coolidge, Hoover

Ogden L. Mills Hoover

William H. Woodin Roosevelt

Henry Morgenthau, Jr. Roosevelt, Truman

Fred M. Vinson Truman

John W. Snyder Truman

George M. Humphrer Eisenhower

Robert B. Anderson Eisenhower

C. Douglas Dillon Kennedy, Johnson

Henry H. Fowler Johnson

Joseph W. Barr Johnson

David M. Kennedy Nixon

John B. Connally Nixon

George P. Shultz Nixon

William E. Simon Nixon, Ford

W. Michael Blumenthal Carter

G. William Miller Carter

Donald T. Regan Reagan

James A. Baker, III Reagan

Nicholas F. Brady Reagan, GHW Bush

Lloyd M. Bentsen Clinton

Robert E. Rubin Clinton

Lawrence H. Summers Clinton

Paul H. O’Neill GW Bush

John W. Snow GW Bush

Henry M. Paulson, Jr. GW Bush

Source: United States Department of the Treasury.

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