How to choose the best hybrid car for you, part 1 of 4

Did you know that there are already a dozen different models of hybrid electric cars in production in the US?

Most people find the additional information on technology and fuel economy overwhelming when deciding to purchase a hybrid vehicle for the first time. This article will help you go through all the tech babble and let you feel confident in choosing the right hybrid car for your particular needs.

The allure of a hybrid vehicle is compelling, to say the least. While some see them simply as the latest tech gadget to show off to their friends, more and more people are beginning to realize that gas-electric hybrid cars are the future of all cars.

The first thing to keep in mind when starting your research is not to allow yourself to feel bogged down by all the information. There are actually only a few hybrid cars that are right for you, and we will easily remove most of them in no time.

Do you prefer compact ones? Medium-sized cuts? SUV’s? Trucks? Luxury sedans? The initial hybrid vehicle offering for 2007 includes at least one line of cars in each of those categories, so surely you shouldn’t have to compromise your preference.

The current breakdown by category of hybrid gas and electricity production models in the United States is as follows:

(in no particular order)

SUV: (27-36 MPG)

* Lexus RX 400h

* Toyota Highlander

* Ford Escape

* Mercury Mariner

* Green line of Saturn VUE

Luxury Sedan: (28 MPG)

* Lexus GS 450h

Medium Cups (Family): (25-60 MPG)

* Toyota Camry

* Honda Accord

* Toyota Prius (pronounced pre-yus)

Pickup: (21 MPG)

* Chevy Silverado

Compacts and Minis: (51-60 MPG)

* Honda Civic

* Honda Insight

Also, let’s add a non-hybrid honorable mention to this list, the ZAP Smartcar, which is not actually a hybrid, but we should include it here due to its unmatched EPA fuel economy rating of 69 miles per gallon on the highway. We’ll delve into the smart car later, but rest assured, these are some exceptional little cars you’ll see more on the road in 2007.

That’s all. Twelve hybrids and a high-mileage ‘tram’.

All thirteen are legal on US highways and come in all shapes and sizes. Which to choose? You will first have to choose a type of car, based on your preferences. Then we’ll dive deeper into your perfect journey once you’ve made your choice.

In the next 3 installments of this series on hybrid electric vehicles, we will do just that, we will dive in great detail so that there is no guesswork when it comes time to choose the car of your dreams.

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