How to Identify Door Lock Manufacturer

Identify Door Lock Manufacturer

To identify a door lock, you will need to take apart the lock, which will allow you to identify the brand. The cylinder is the key, which is located within the body of the lock. You should look for identifying marks on it. It might have the company name or specific model number stamped on it. A smaller label may be fastened to the side of the cylinder. A small stamp may also be located on the door itself.

The company name is also stamped on the face of the bolt or deadbolt, as well as the latchplate. You should also look for the company name stamped on the latchplate, which is a metal plate attached to the edge of the door. This will help you identify the manufacturer of the lock. Some models of door locks have a different logo on the faceplate, and you should avoid it. Once you have identified the brand, you can look for the name on the latchplate.

If you are looking for a certain brand, you can try to look at the company name on the faceplate. If it is stamped on the faceplate, it means the lock is by Kwikset. If not, you will have a Kwikset copycat on your hands. It is cheap and not worth investing in. This type of lock is available in home improvement stores. The difference between a genuine and knockoff deadbolt is the brand name embossed on the faceplate.

How to Identify Door Lock Manufacturer

The company name is on the deadbolt or latch. Some knockoffs are made by companies that copy other brands. For example, you can find a Kwikset copycat at a local hardware store. While both copies are knockoffs, the latter is a genuine Kwikset deadbolt. The company name will be imprinted on the faceplate. The key cylinder of a Kwikset lock is identical to that of the knockoff.

If you are looking for a deadbolt, you can easily identify the brand name by looking at the company name. Many brands have the same name on their locks. For example, Schlage has a stamped-in name on its deadbolt. Its deadbolts often have the same name on their latchplates. ASSA ABLOY is one of the oldest manufacturers of door hardware in the U.S. Its products have evolved to meet the changing needs of home owners.

Another way to identify a door lock manufacturer is by looking at its name. Schlage is a popular brand, and it has been around for decades. Over the years, it has become one of the largest door hardware companies in the world. Since the company has expanded and improved its products, the name has changed. Identifying a Schlage product can be difficult, but it is easy to spot. When you know the brand, the key cylinders on the deadbolts are easily recognizable.

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