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How to prepare your home for out of town guests

Many people have family or friends who live in other cities, provinces, or countries. You probably know what I’m talking about. It is always a wish that most of these relatives or friends visit you. Consequently, you must prepare your home to receive these guests if you want them and you to have a good experience.

You want your home to be as comfortable and accessible as possible for your guests. They come from afar to visit you and spend some time with you.

You will need to prepare the bedroom for your guests. Cleaning the bedroom will be the first step. Wash the floor or carpet, vacuum the mattress, and wash the bedding. Prepare the bed or beds with clean sheets and covers to suit the style of the bedroom. Tidy up the nightstand. Check that the bedside table lamp is working and make sure there is an outlet where your guest can charge their cell phone. If there is any clutter in the bedroom, remove it and tidy up the entire bedroom. Empty the closet so your guests have some space to hang their clothes and pack their shoes while they stay with you. Have towels ready and get an extra hair dryer for your guests.

Make your kitchen easy for your guests to use. Pack your dishes and food neatly in the cabinets. Pack frequently used foods toward the front of the cabinet with the label facing forward. This way, food will be easy to find and your visitors won’t have to search for anything or bother you if they can’t find what they’re looking for. Also make a list of foods that you know your visitors eat frequently and go shopping for them. Include some sweet and savory snacks to treat them. Keep catering equipment that they can use frequently on the countertops for easy access. These appliances would include the kettle, toaster, coffee maker, and perhaps the blender. Show them where you keep silverware and dishes as well.

When your guests arrive, show them your bedroom and familiarize them with it. Then show them the kitchen and where they can find snacks, drinks, and other food-related items during their stay at your home. You want to make sure they feel comfortable and enjoy visiting you, so give them the real deal.

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