Jusuru Review – Just Another Magic Juice MLM Company?

If you have been aware of the network marketing industry, you will not be familiar with the Jusuru opportunity. The news of Jusuru is everywhere and so far everything has been positive. They are making waves trying to differentiate themselves from any other “magic juice” opportunity by growing at an exceptional rate … Although they are actively growing, it has yet to be seen if they will be able to differentiate themselves.

Jusuru opened its doors last month and is expanding significantly. This nutraceutical company holds patents for BioCell Collagen II® with multiple patents. Which is rich in a joint and skin matrix that supports hyaluronic acid, collagen, and chondroitin sulfate, in combination with antioxidant-rich exotic fruits from around the world. Jusuru is tapping into the soon-to-be-trillion-dollar nutritional industry and using network marketing as a business model to reach the masses. This is where you ask yourself, “Would I buy this product and stay on autoship if I wasn’t building a business? Or,” Could I go to Costco and buy something that may or may not be the same? “

Two important reasons why you should ask yourself some serious questions …

1. You don’t want to be involved with a company that is using a gimmick product to push money.

2. Here’s your number one objection: What’s so special about your product that it should pay twenty dollars more than the other things?

Now let’s get to the fun part … How do you earn money and a lot with Jusuru? The company chose to use a payment plan called unilevel, which offers 9 ways to earn money. It’s important to note that some payment plans are better than others, but you should be careful to always look at the big picture to determine if a business is right for you. It all comes down to this … Does the payment plan reward you for being a leader? And being a leader in the MLM industry simply means …

Sell ​​lots of Jusuru products, recruit strong team members, and teach everyone to duplicate their efforts.

Jusuru offers a starter kit for about $ 40, which will include training and their duplicate website. The company uses traditional MLM strategies and will emphasize building your list, speaking to your warm market, and expanding locally. Although I am an effective Internet Network Marketer, I continue to promote traditional business creation techniques. Every successful MLM organization is built on several proven foundations. I strongly encourage anyone who is serious about creating multiple streams of passive residual income to combine online and offline methods to create massive momentum and lasting success.

If Jusuru is the vehicle you choose to use, I encourage you to be taught how to successfully market to your target market. Create your own unique selling proposition and be the leader.

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