Liposuction Cannulas Types

Cannulas Types

There are several liposuction cannula types to choose from. A narrow cannula is used for small, precise removal of fat. Larger cannulas are used for large volume, rapid liposuction. The smallest cannula is 3mm in diameter with bigger holes for quick fat removal. Serrated cannulas are used for thick, fibrous, or tough tissue. They offer enhanced control and allow the surgeon to perform more accurate and effective surgery.

liposuction cannulas

Different types of liposuction cannula have different designs and benefits. The Blugerman II has raised holes on the top of the cannula and a single suction port. A basket cannula has a three-port radial design and a spiral-patterned tip. The Candy Cane cannula has ribbed tips to stabilize the skin. The 12 Hole Harvest cannula has twelve holes on its one side. It is available in a smooth or slightly raised tip.

A microcannula is a smaller, thinner microcannula used to remove excess fibrous fat. Some areas are naturally fibrous, or excessively fibrous due to previous liposuction procedures. A smaller, 16-gauge cannula is used to remove fat from delicate, painful, or sensitive areas. These cannulas require minimal force for liposuction.

Liposuction Cannulas Types

A microcannula is a finer cannula that is less than 2.2mm in inside diameter. This is the same ID as a 12-gauge hypodermic needle. The microcannula is constructed from standard stainless-steel hypodermic needle tubing. The three-hole standard has three linear ports on one side. The two-hole Standard cannula is a popular choice for contouring during liposuction procedures.

The 16-gauge microcannula is particularly useful for removing fat in areas that are naturally fibrous. Certain areas are more fibrous than others, and they may have been treated with liposuction in the past. A large, 16-gauge microcannula can penetrate fibrous septa with minimal force, creating multiple fenestrations through these partitions. Its smaller diameter makes it easier to access painful and sensitive areas.

The Blugerman II is the most common liposuction cannula. Its raised holes are a result of the patient’s unique anatomy. A small, microcannula can also be used for more challenging areas, such as the back. A larger cannula may be too invasive for the patient. A smaller cannula can be more effective in such areas.

The 2.5-mm cannula has the advantage of retaining grafted fat more securely. However, it has been found that patients with the 2.5-mm cannula have larger fatty tissue, which could cause more complications. Although a smaller cannula can be used for small, fat grafts, it is still recommended that patients choose a smaller cannula for larger sized areas.

There are various types of liposuction cannula. The biggest type has a large hole. A small cannula can be used for larger areas. A tumescent cannula can be used for large, bulky areas. If the cannula is too large, it may cause pain and swelling. Nevertheless, the tumescent cannulas have the advantage of being lightweight and can be used to reduce the risk of skin damage.

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