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Raw Spirituality: Discover Your Unconscious Personality, Part 1

Your mind understands what you are aware of and what is hidden from your consciousness, the subconscious or the unconscious.

Considering that your spiritual self is your inner self, it is very spiritual to get in touch with your subconscious fears, defenses, and strengths. We believe it is necessary for ultimate self-discovery and getting the most out of your life. Until you do that, you’re only dealing with the surface of you, not the real you.

“One of the unfortunate things about our educational system is that we don’t teach students how to harness their subconscious abilities.”
bill lear

“People who excel at book learning tend to recall what they have learned from memory in order to follow stored instructions. Others who are better at internalized learning use the thoughts that flow from their subconscious. The experienced skier does not recite instructions on how to ski and then execute them, but he does it well ‘without thinking’, in the same way he breathes without thinking. Understanding these differences is critical.”
ray dalio

Three examples of the power of the subconscious mind

1. Subconscious beliefs at odds with conscious viewpoints create internal conflict, which makes your life more difficult. This is surprisingly common, particularly in relation to the topic of money.

Consciously, Trent has a burning desire to be rich. He is making all the right connections and is recognized as one of the best in his field. However, Trent’s parents routinely vilified “rich people” in Trent’s younger years. He constantly heard that the rich were horrible people: the owner of the business that employed Trent’s father was a “greedy rich man”, his mother’s cousin and her family were “rich assholes”, etc. When Trent turned eighteen, his subconscious mind automatically associated wealth with terrible people.

Having such a strong negative subconscious belief about wealth, is it any wonder Trent has made a series of poor decisions in his career and financial life that have led him to modest means? No way would Trent’s hidden mind allow him to be one of those horrible rich people his parents hate. Worse yet, Trent doesn’t even acknowledge this and attributes his life to “bad luck”. You cannot become what bothers you, and if your hidden mind has a big problem with what you aspire to be, it will be a constant struggle.

2. Another common way that subconscious beliefs are at odds with conscious views, making your life more difficult, involves attractiveness and appearance.

Several lifetimes ago (considering reincarnation a viable theory), Geraldine was one of the most beautiful young women in her European village. Unfortunately, an obsessed rogue singled her out, harassed her, and eventually violently raped her, ruining her life.

As a child, Faye was sexually abused. As she matures, she discovers that she has an eating disorder; she can’t stop eating.

Both women, Faye and Geraldine, are morbidly obese, although if they lost weight they would both be much more attractive.

The obesity and subsequent unattractive appearance keeps them both “safe.” Although they are not yet consciously aware of it, they fear losing weight and becoming attractive because their hidden mind associates attractiveness with sexual abuse and rape. The hidden part of your mind does everything in its power to keep you from shedding the weight and therefore feeling more vulnerable.

3. Another way that hidden beliefs are at odds with conscious views, making your life more difficult, is to involve relationships.

Bob wants to be in a serious relationship instead of being single. Unknowingly, he seems to sabotage every opportunity and relationship he finds himself in, much to his dismay. He is still unaware that his hidden mind associates relationships with horrendous pain, loss, and suffering due to one of his most recent past lives as a merchant: he was very happily married, but his wife he died young. At that time, he made a vow to remain single in honor of his late wife. This painful experience and subsequent vow, deeply hidden in his mind, are causing great problems in his life today.

The subconscious mind, with all its fears, prejudices, defenses, and hidden talents, is largely illogical and always in survival mode, like a fearful animal. Subconscious thinking must be aligned with conscious desires in order to reach your goals more quickly. Although it plays a very important role in protecting you, taking the first step in realizing that there is more to your mind than your conscious mind is vital to getting the most out of your life.

“The moment you say ‘I can’t,’ it’s another wrong statement to your subconscious that you choose to lose.”
tsem tulku

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