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Sending Reiki by distance to your "Younger me"

Train yourself in distant healing by working with yourself. Instead of doing self healings like you did with Reiki 1, you can now send Reiki to yourself “at a distance”. Use distance healing to heal problems in your own life. Sit in your healing area. Meditate long enough to clear your mind, relax your body, and establish concentration. Visualize yourself lying in bed and send energy to your “distant self.” By visualizing yourself in a different room at a slightly different time, you begin to “bend” time and space.

Then when you lie down in bed to sleep, observe any sensations that indicate the Reiki flow coming. The real test will be seeing how well you sleep and feel in the morning. Once you are familiar with sending distance healing to yourself, practice sending Reiki to other Reiki healers who understand the process. As you gain experience, begin sharing Reiki remotely with friends and family. Use photographs, written notes, or visualization to facilitate healing.

The most powerful training procedure that I guide students to participate in is to send distant healing to their “younger self.” This process can take several months, curing one year of life at a time. If, for example, you are 26 years old now, send energy to yourself when you were 25 years old. During your next self-healing session, send Reiki to when you were 24 years old. Ultimately, send Reiki to your birth and beyond.

Be sure to take notes on this healing process. If it gets too intense, slow down and take a few days off. No hurry! It has taken you a lifetime to accumulate your problems; you don’t need to discard them all this week. Each healing session focuses on one year of life at a time. Establish a rhythm where you can comfortably face your past, bring it into your present awareness, and allow Reiki to help you reconcile any outstanding issues.

When Daidi completed her Reiki 2 training, she began exploring India and Thailand. As part of her Reiki 2 training, she feels like she is healing herself remotely for each year of her life. She told me that “Reiki changed my life, even better, it changed my attitude towards life. First of all, it helped me reorganize my life to learn to treat and love my body in the right way when I am losing control over it” .

She further explained that, “Healing myself physically has always been a process of learning to realize that we need constant care and awareness of ourselves. Reiki helped me appreciate life in a simple and healthy way by connecting more with nature. and always maintain a positive attitude. Reiki teaches me to respect myself and others as we are. It shows me how our spirit relates to our body and mind. Reiki helped me realize that life is literally a holistic journey Finally, I realized that it was not simply where I live that matters, but the positive concept of continually living, growing and learning to be in ONE with our universe. I learned to dedicate my talents to creating works of art, writing and translate, spread positive energy to more people and benefit our humanity. “

Distant healing of your younger self can take many months depending on your age and the intensity of the problems that require healing. This makes us wonder how someone thinks they can “learn” Reiki 2 in a day or two. It takes months! Years! Take the time to integrate the healing and spiritual lessons advanced Reiki offers.

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