Texas names recall Abbott and Costello’s famous baseball routine

Bud Abbott and Lou Costello started using their “Who Goes First?” routine right now exactly eighty years ago, a few months before they joined the cast of Tea The Kate Smith Hour. Since then, the routine has been mentioned at some point during each baseball season.

One of the most famous allusions to the routine occurred in 2007, when Hall of Fame broadcaster Vin Scully mentioned it during a Dodgers broadcast. Los Angeles shortstop Chin-lung Hu singled, prompting Scully to gleefully announce that Hu was on first.

Most recently, the famous routine came to mind during a Texas Rangers vs. Cubs broadcast at Wrigley Field on July 15. Chicago announcers Jim Deshaies and Len Kasper spent half an inning discussing many of the Texas players’ unusual names, nicknames. in some cases even more entertaining than the imaginary lineup of Abbott and Costello. Believe it or not, they even have Yu instead of Who.

These are the unusual names on this year’s Rangers team, a team that currently sits atop the American League West.

rough Smell

The second baseman gained notoriety in last year’s postseason, but even more so last month due to an altercation with Toronto’s Jose Bautista.

Yu Darvish

The veteran right-hander has been the ace of the rotation, despite a series of injuries that have landed him on the disabled list multiple times.

The prince gardener

The son of former major leaguer Cecil, the left-handed designated hitter complements third baseman Adrián Beltré in the middle of the batting order.

Elvis Andrew

A constant veteran in the middle of the infield, who has the same name as Graceland’s most famous singer, gives the Rangers a Prince and a King.

Jurickson profane

The young center infielder’s last name could bode well for his baseball career, as Jurickson could very well go far as a pro.

Nomar mazara

A 2016 Rookie of the Year candidate with eleven home runs and a .280 batting average, the outfielder has the same name as the former Boston Red Sox All-Star shortstop.

shin tan choo

The leadoff hitter and right fielder could almost fit into the Abbott and Costello skit, making it “Shin-soo’s on First.”

Delino checkouts

Named for his big league father, a Montreal Expos star, Deshields is one of the brightest young players in the Texas system.

chi-chi Gonzalez

The reliever has a more famous name in another sport, but has appeared in three games for the Rangers so far.

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