The Secret, the Law of Attraction, and Narcissistic Emotional Abusers: Are you saying I attracted the abuse?

“Secrecy” and information on the law of attraction are not easily acceptable concepts if you have been abused in any way, whether sexual, physical or emotional, or if the abuse occurred when you were a child or an adult. Are you kidding?

Are you saying that I attracted the abuse? How absolutely absurd and unimaginable!

After years of surviving in a relationship with a narcissistic or abusive emotional abuser, and you can still use your cognitive powers, if you came across “The Secret” or information about the law of attraction, you are most likely provoked an instinctive reaction. The idea that he somehow attracted abuse as if welcoming torment and torture is completely ridiculous!

If you didn’t immediately close the door to the information shared in “The Secret” or about the law of attraction and began to question the possibility, what did you find out? Where did you go to find your answers?

Did you just keep asking the question of whether you were somehow attracted to abuse, a narcissistic emotional abuser, a psychopath, a rapist? Even though it was uncomfortable, irritating, and ridiculous, did you keep looking for the possibility?

Did you look because you wanted to know, to find out, because if you had something to do with the abuse that happened in your life, did you want to find out to make sure this would never happen again? That is probably the only reason a human would even consider the idea to be able to have some kind of control in a world that sometimes feels like there are predators around every corner.

Are you saying that I attracted a narcissistic emotional abuser? Are you saying that I attracted the abuse?

What a disgusting thought! How dare they? How dare you imply that I asked for abuse?

These thoughts, these questions probably ran rampant in his mind. However, out of will and desire to survive in what seems like a crazy world, you kept looking. Did you keep asking?

Did you get the information that your brain is a transmitter and receiver of energy? Did you get the information that from birth to about four years everything, everything, enters your subconscious without filtering?

The thoughts were not your thoughts. They were the thoughts of those around you. The thoughts of those around you create an environment that speaks to you with and without words.

If your surroundings and those around you somehow devalued you, these thoughts became part of your programming. Your brain, the transmitter and receiver of energy, was being programmed without your permission and without your knowledge.

Did this type of information reach you? Did you receive this information to help you understand why it seems like again and again, relationship after relationship, and not only in your most recent intimate relationship with the narcissistic emotional abuser, but in almost, if not all, of your relationships in other areas of life? your life, are you somehow a victim?

Are you saying that I attracted the abuse? The thought is still nauseating, but in some inexplicable way, it’s helpful because you have the power to know you have a choice.

You can close the door to the concepts presented in “The Secret” and about the law of attraction. You also have the option of continuing to ask for your God-forsaken abuse to be made sense of and to test the answers that in some inexplicable way continue to come to you.

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