Title: Last Call to Caviar (Volume One) Author: Melissa Roen – Book Review

Set amid the old-fashioned glitz and glamor of the South of France, Melissa Roen’s Last Call for Caviar is a guilty pleasure for any reader. It takes you into a world of luxury that is also turning into a world of uncertainty and fear. This novel opens up worlds of contrasts for the reader, from love and lust, the exotic and the demonic, hope and despair, and good times and the end of days. It presents readers with an epic fight for love and humanity.

Our hero, Maya, is an intelligent but somewhat tragic figure who does her best to survive as the world collapses around here. As rumors of war and the end of the world circulate around her, perhaps the worst devastation Maya faces is not the destruction of humanity but the breaking of her own heart. Knowing that the world is desperate is one thing; He has a strong body and a strong will to fight to stay alive. Armed with her weapon and a sexy protector, the odds are in Maya’s favor. However, living with a lonely heart and soul is what would hurt Maya the most. How many of us, if we knew that there is no tomorrow, would not also long to meet our loved ones and tell them our true feelings for them?

The cast of characters in Maya’s world is intriguing to say the least. From his loyal companion Buddy to his nemesis Anjuli, the relationships in the story are well defined but also full of twists and turns. Many of the characters have a sense of mystery, which makes the book quite intoxicating. There are many types of characters that you would like to meet at a dinner party and learn more, which is good as there are many dinners in the book. Even amid the chaos, the charades must continue.

That leads to the stage. The images and decadence used to describe the setting made me feel like I was there. You can almost smell the money towards the beginning of the book and the despair at the end when your world begins to fall apart even more. Also, the time is fascinating. The survival of those who adapt to the change of weather has been a hymn in books for centuries. The author could have just gone with the end of days story and written a good book. However, the sensuality and adventure of the book is what sets it apart from other novels. If you want to be exposed to a world of wealth, tragedy, and love, Last Call for Caviar is an excellent read.

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