Welcome to the future of satellite TV: bigger, better and stronger than ever

Remember the good old days when you could program your satellite card to give you all the channels? That was great, but it was also illegal. Most of us thought those days were gone forever. However, thanks to technology, it is now much better than ever, as well as being totally legal.

Programming your card was the best and worked great back in the day. You paid a small fee to have someone unlock all the channels on your card for you. Then he just sat back and enjoyed himself until the satellite company sent him a signal that reset his card. It was an easy way to get free satellite and people were perfectly happy with it. Then what is now known as Black Sunday happened and the times of card scheduling were over forever.

However, technology is great for us. Someone finally did what many people have been waiting to happen for years but never saw coming. The days of paying outrageous prices month after month for satellite television are over. In fact, there’s now a way to get over 2,800 channels for a small one-time fee.

However, it gets even better. Now you don’t even need a satellite dish to enjoy satellite TV. You have everything you need sitting right in front of you right now.

Now you can get instant access to thousands of channels from all over the world no matter where you live in the world. You don’t need to have a high speed internet connection or even a credit card for that matter. A standard dial-up connection will work just fine as long as you don’t mind a small drop in quality.

It’s also very easy to connect your computer to your TV so you can enjoy your favorite shows on it. Most computers made in the last few years should have this feature. You can even get products that will send the signal to your TV wirelessly. Not to mention, your computer and satellite software automatically work like a TiVO and will record your favorite shows while you’re away.

I can easily see this becoming the future of how we get our television stations. No more ugly chainrings or complicated receivers. Everything will come in through your computer’s Internet connection. There is no way that prices will stay as low as they are now. As soon as word gets out and people realize the potential, prices will skyrocket. This type of satellite TV software is worth a lot more than the small price tag on it.

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