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What is best for your baby’s skin, cloth, or disposable diapers?

Disposable diapers allow baby to feel comfortable during play and sleep. They are easy to use and dispose of. Diapers do not leak. It comes in various sizes to fit babies of all ages, from newborn to toddler. It absorbs urine and turns it into a gel, so the baby’s bottom will not be in contact with urine for a long time. This prevents infection.

Learn why your baby is allergic to diapers

However, if your baby is allergic to diapers, it is better to use cloth diapers. Disposable diapers are made up of different types of plastic. It sticks to the baby and causes irritation. This toxin is identified as sodium polyacrylate. It is a type of polymer associated with toxic shock syndrome. Tampons were banned due to the use of this chemical.

Another chemical that is harmful to baby’s skin is dioxin. Dioxin is carcinogenic by nature, which is why the Environmental Protection Agency has banned the use of this chemical in baby products. A collective effect of the aforementioned toxins activates the baby’s immune system, resulting in the production of antibodies. These chemicals can cause various side effects such as indigestion, runny nose, skin infection, and hives. This is called a latex allergy. If not noticeable, it can lead to anaphylactic shock. Extreme cases of anaphylactic shock could become fatal to the baby. Then the baby should be on constant medication until he recovers.

Another reason disposable diapers are not recommended is because a diaper can hold a significant amount of baby urine and turn it into gel. If it is not changed frequently, there is a possibility that bacteria will accumulate and give off an odor. Bacterial infection and odor will not make the baby comfortable. Also, a disposable diaper does not facilitate the required air circulation. Although diapers are easily disposable, they are not biodegradable due to the polymers used.

Cloth diapers, on the other hand, are easily disposable. To top it all, it doesn’t leave any toxins on the skin. It is even better for traveling if you carry a wet bag with you to throw away the used cloth. Most reusable cloth diapers are multi-layered today. Makes the cloth diaper more absorbent and easy to use. The cloth diaper makes it easier for the baby’s skin to breathe. It should be changed as the baby urinates, otherwise the baby’s skin will get wet until it is noticeable. This causes rashes and bacterial infection.

Bottom line

Both the cloth diaper and the disposable diaper cause rashes in the baby. Try both on your baby to see which one keeps him the most comfortable. In general, the use of cloth diapers is recommended because they do not contain chemicals and are environmentally friendly.

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