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Why should you use an unscented deodorant?

For most people, the reason they use a deodorant is to eliminate body odor. Many deodorants contain a scent that helps mask the odor. For some people, this scent will clash with their cologne or perfume, so an unscented deodorant will be preferred.

Most, but not all, brands will offer the consumer a choice of scents. Some advertise a “fresh mountain scent” or a “tough masculine scent” or “feminine scent of sweat” or some similar advertising slogan. It simply means that a scent has been inserted into the deodorant during the manufacturing process. All deodorants start out as an unscented product, the scent is added to help cover up body odor.

If the only scent you use is the one that comes from your deodorant, then it may be acceptable to use one that leaves a faint scent. But if you like to wear cologne or perfume, without realizing it you can overdo it or crash. If you work in a closed environment or in a crowded office, having perfume and scented deodorant can overwhelm your coworkers.

This is why more and more people are switching to a fragrance-free deodorant, because it won’t clash with the cologne you are wearing. They follow the motto that less is more.

If you are an active hunter, you probably find that removing human scent will help you get closer to the wild hunt; Many hunters are also switching to an unscented deodorant to eliminate their personal scent.

When hunting members of the opposite sex, many people now opt for the theory that natural body scents are attractive, so they will use an unscented deodorant to remove the harsh and excessive odor, but still, their body emits a natural smell.

It all comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer their deodorant not to smell, others like the smell. Either one works, so pick your favorite.

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