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Will Facebook start to load?

Lately there has been a lot of talk on the Internet about whether Facebook will start charging its customers or not. The most current, scarce and distant reports lean towards no.

Facebook is a valuable tool for millions of people. After republishing its new terms of service in March, Facebook found an overwhelming response to the changes. In an effort to calm the crowds, Facebook quickly pulled the new terms and published the old terms of service as what they call a “placeholder.” Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook says “Wow, terms of service on the Web are pretty common.” The fact that people were reading ours so carefully and bothering to protest made us realize how important this topic is and [made us] we want to engage with users, not just in the gist of this, where we were always in a good place, but in the process. “After the process of republishing the old terms of service, Facebook went ahead and published Facebook Principles and Facebook rights and responsibilities. They posted the new literature publicly in Facebook groups. They asked users to comment on the literature and, if there are enough comments, they will allow a vote by the users.

Others who say “no way” that Facebook will charge are also warning about groups that have been started to fight the cause. The problem is, there are now claims that the groups have only been created to spread malware or hijack your computer. Many people on the Internet have commented on this problem.

Snopes warns: “The protest page was a trap for the unwary; clicking on certain elements of the page launched a script that hijacked users’ computers. Some of those who did dare to click, their computers seized a series of highly objectionable images and the malware simultaneously attempted to install itself on their computers. “

Rumors have circulated about what it would cost to maintain your Facebook account. The lowest I’ve heard is $ 3.99 a month. I’ve also seen $ 5.99 a month and up to $ 14.99 a month. Either of those charges is steep unless Facebook really steps up what it has to offer. I don’t think many people are willing to pay $ 15 a month to write what they are doing right now in a chart. Now it’s free, convenient, and it works. Charges like this can bring a hit to Facebook if they were true.

It seems that most people don’t really know the outcome of the June-July possibility that Facebook will start charging. What we do know is that going to any “anti-load” related group is a quick way to take over your computer and / or load it with malware. We also know that Facebook is very aware of what it could do to your business if they started charging.

So in conclusion, I would say that at this point we don’t have to worry about Facebook suddenly changing the rules. They don’t want us to go as much as we don’t want them to charge. We enjoy using Facebook and the ability it gives us to interact with people from all over the world. We thank Facebook and ask them to stay away from any kind of charge.

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