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Porsche Full Carbon Fiber Body Kits Price

Full Carbon Fiber Body Kits Price

With Porsche’s Exclusive Manufaktur personalization division, as well as aftermarket tuners like TechArt and TopCar Design, transforming a 911 into a carbon-fiber beast has never been easier. The latter company recently wrapped a full set of its CF components on a Stinger GTR Limited Carbon Edition that will be sold in just 13 examples. The package is the most complex project in TopCar’s history and consists of 84 parts that are all made out of four layers of carbon fiber (external, internal, and two structural), covering 100% of the car’s surface.

The body kit includes a massive rear spoiler that is 40% larger than the GT3 RS’s swan-neck wing and raises its height up to the roof line. It’s paired with a front chin spoiler, hidden underbody spoilers, small fins on the fully paneled underbody, and an adaptive diffuser on the back end.

Besides the aero pieces, TopCar also offers its own forged RS Edition wheels and an Akrapovic titanium exhaust system with black tips. The new forged wheels have a diameter of 20-inches at the front and 21-inches at the rear and come with a brushed finish. The exhaust is also offered in a matte black finish for an additional EUR5,000 ($5,869).

From a distance, the car looks pretty good but up close it’s hard to ignore the flaws of the carbon fiber. It’s fish eyed in places, has wavy lines from the mold, and has some pits and bubbles on it.

The CF components aren’t cheap either and the price of a complete kit, including a rear spoiler and side skirts, comes to €160,000 ($181,000). That’s a lot more than the base Taycan 4S that starts at $103,800.

Porsche Full Carbon Fiber Body Kits Price

The allure of a Porsche is not merely confined to its powerful engine or sleek design; it’s about the embodiment of luxury and performance in every aspect. For enthusiasts seeking to elevate their Porsche to new heights, a Full Carbon Fiber Body Kit is a transformative option that not only enhances the aesthetics but also contributes to improved performance. However, such luxury and innovation come at a cost, and understanding the pricing of Porshe full carbon fiber body kits is essential for those looking to make a statement on the road.

The price of a Full Carbon Fiber Body Kit for a Porsche can vary significantly based on several factors. One of the primary determinants is the model of the Porsche itself. Different models have distinct body shapes and designs, influencing the complexity and quantity of carbon fiber components required. As a result, the price of the body kit can vary from model to model.

Another critical factor affecting the price is the manufacturer or brand producing the carbon fiber body kit. Well-known and reputable brands in the automotive customization industry often command higher prices due to their commitment to precision engineering, quality materials, and advanced manufacturing techniques. Brands with a track record of collaborating with luxury car manufacturers, such as Porsche, may offer more exclusive and customized options, contributing to a higher price point.

The finish and weave pattern of the carbon fiber can also influence the cost. Carbon fiber with unique patterns or finishes, such as forged carbon or a distinctive weave, may be priced higher due to the additional craftsmanship involved. These aesthetic considerations add a level of exclusivity to the body kit, appealing to enthusiasts who seek a more personalized and distinctive look for their Porsche.


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