How to Find the Best Online Plant Store

Find the Best Online Plant Store

When you want to add some greenery to your home or office, shopping online is an easy way to find a wide selection of flora. You can choose from big retailers like Amazon and Walmart or smaller, direct-to-consumer plant shops that ship the freshest houseplants straight to your door.

To find the best online plant store, it’s important to shop at a place that offers a lot of variety and has detailed information on each plant. You’ll also want to be sure to read customer reviews and scour the website for third-party verifications that plants arrive alive, healthy, and in good condition. Many plant retailers also offer a guarantee, and it’s smart to check those policies carefully, as some may require you to submit a photo within a certain time frame to receive a replacement or refund, suggests The Spruce’s Deanna McCormack.

The top online plant store is Amazon, which offers a huge selection and fast shipping (if you have Prime). The site’s most popular choice is ficus trees, but it also carries a number of other greenery that can brighten up any room. For the most affordable options, look for small parlor palms and cacti in grow pots for less than $20.

Navigate the green landscape effortlessly by mastering the art of finding the best online plant store. Begin your quest by seeking reputable platforms renowned for their diverse and healthy plant selections. Explore customer reviews, ensuring a track record of satisfied plant enthusiasts. Look for stores offering detailed plant care information and guidance, demonstrating a commitment to customer success. Assess shipping policies to ensure secure and prompt deliveries. Check for a wide variety of plants, accommodating both beginners and seasoned gardeners. With a discerning eye, choose an online plant store that not only meets your botanical needs but also elevates your plant-shopping experience with reliability and expertise.

Another option is Bloomscape, which is a direct-to-consumer plant retailer that sells a number of indoor and outdoor plants as well as decorative planters and gardening supplies. Its survey respondents ranked it highly for its wide selection and ease of use. They particularly appreciated the ability to sort plants by light tolerance, size, pet-friendliness, and difficulty and to get matched with a specific plant through an online quiz.

How to Find the Best Online Plant Store

Some other plant retailers worth checking out include UrbanStems, whose selection includes rare and exotic species that you’re unlikely to find elsewhere. The company is known for its high-quality plants, which are shipped in sturdy containers with moss and other packing materials that protect the foliage. You can also purchase a pre-made terrarium or build your own to customize your greenery.

Finally, the female-founded Plant Proper is an excellent place to find greenery for gifting. The company grows a wide variety of different plants on its own nursery in Florida, then ships them to customers directly in eco-friendly packaging that’s made out of reusable and recycled material. Plants come with care instructions and a custom tag for each order, so the recipient can learn how to best care for the plant.

Another excellent option for a plant-centric retail experience is Greenery NYC, which is new to the online scene and has a limited inventory of flora that can be delivered throughout the city of New York. The site’s more unique offering is the mix-and-match capability: It lets you choose a plant and then select a stylish planter to go with it. It’s an ideal choice for anyone who wants to send a thank you, congratulations, birthday, or just-because gift. The shop also offers same-day delivery in NYC and nationwide shipping.

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