Jobs for criminals, the federal government licenses criminals in the auto transport industry

Offender jobs are always hard to find, and as most job seekers know, any job or business that requires a license is often a waste of time trying to apply or trying to get started. Well, I found a profession that will grant you a license, assuming you meet the usual requirements, even if you have a felony conviction. Freight transport corridors; people who negotiate shipments of cargo, household items, or even cars and other types of vehicles.

There is an exception, however. If you were convicted of a drug-related felony, you are disqualified. I know it’s wrong, but at least if your crime isn’t drug-related, you might be ready.

Transportation brokerage does not involve driving a truck. It is a job for criminals who can run out of your house or apartment if they wish. Basically, you find people or companies that need to move something big within the country. Let’s say someone in New York doesn’t want to drive their car to Florida, where they will spend the winter. People in this situation often hire a car transport company to take their car, on a car transporter, to Florida so that they don’t have to drive it there themselves. In this example, you are probably talking about people who are retired or about to retire and cannot or do not want to drive all night to Florida.

So where do you come in? Well, as a car transport broker, you basically find the people who need this type of service and match them with a transport company. When the deal is agreed, you get paid, sometimes up to $ 500 per car.

Who else would need this kind of service? Well, let’s say your daughter just got accepted to a college 1,500 miles from where you live. Do you really want your 18-year-old daughter to drive alone from Georgia to California? … I do not believe it.

This is another example of the type of customer looking for a freight forwarder. Also, in a case like this, you could also negotiate the transportation of anything else you bring to the university, such as boxes of furniture, clothes, etc.

The mere fact that you need a license for this business sets you apart from the crowd, whether you are a criminal or not. But the fact that you can get a license like this, even with a felony conviction, seems like a great opportunity for any offender looking for work.

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