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Things about Las Vegas nightclubs you didn’t know

If there is something Las Vegas has, it is that there are secrets that its clubs keep. Actually, there are quite a few of them, and some of the most favorite and shocking ones are about to be shared with those who are reading this. This is the idea of ​​club insiders so that visitors can enjoy Las Vegas and live the most unforgettable experience. Some may think they know everything they need to know about Sin City’s club scenes, but they’re sure to be surprised.

The Secret of Las Vegas Clubs: The Bathroom Attendant

There is a secret that lies in every club bathroom: every bathroom in Las Vegas has a bathroom attendant. This bathroom assistant is not the secret itself, but the things it can do for guests.

Some may be too naive to think that an attendant’s only job is to make sure the bathroom stays clean and tidy, and it definitely is. However, there is a secret in their hidden hiding places. The first is for the boys.

men’s room

Guys can get a number of added benefits from the men’s room. When they tip the attendant, they can get mints, cigarettes, and cologne. Some hidden cabinets have exclusive cologne. They can get a spray of these by giving a tip.

Attendees also offer mouthwash, condoms, and Cuban cigars (some clubs even have Montecristo and Cohiba cigars, which come highly recommended). Also, if your cell phone is low on battery, you can ask the bathroom attendant to charge it for you while you party. However, they should not forget to tip them.

ladies room

The secret stash of the ladies’ restroom is comparable to that of the men’s. Probably the best amenity in the club’s ladies’ room is the shoes. When the ladies are tired of standing or dancing all night, they just have to go to the ladies’ room and tell the attendant that they want to buy some shoes. Most nightclubs have different options, so you’re sure to find a couple that suits your style.

For example, Marquee offers ballerinas and flip flops. Some may find that ballet shoes are a better option, as they provide some protection, should someone ever step on their toes. Plus, they can be easily folded into a bag, making them perfect for another night out. These shoes sell for around $15 to $20. When your feet hurt, that’s not a bad thing.

Aside from shoes, there are also mints, candy, hair ties, hairspray, and feminine products. The ladies restroom also has a place where you can charge your phone.

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