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Valuable Collectibles: Discontinued Dolls from Eegee Doll Company

Eegee Doll Company dolls are one of the popular vintage collectibles that most want to include in the display case of their doll collection. The company owes its name to its founder EG Goldberger and the company was established in 1917. The first dolls had the marks “EG” or “E. Goldberger”, but other dolls that were made later carry the marks Eegee, Goldberger or “BRAND / EEGEE / Dolls / MADE IN USA “. Most were made of materials like composite, latex, hard plastic, and vinyl.

Here is a list of Eegee dolls that a collector can search the internet to add to their valuable collection:

1) Patsy (1930) – The doll is made of head and shoulder composition while her arms are made of full composition. The 14-inch doll’s body is made of plush fabric along with rocking fabric legs. Her hair is molded and painted yellow with a beaded headband on top. He has a pair of side-looking painted eyes, a small, closed mouth, and is marked “GOLD DOLL” on his shoulder.

2) Chikie (1930) – The height of the doll ranges from 17 to 19 inches and is made up of the entire compositional jointed body. She has molded brown hair and blue eyes to sleep on or could also be painted for some models. Chikie’s open-mouthed version shows four upper teeth.

3) Susan Stroller (1953 to 1955) – This is a walker-type doll with a swivel head and flexible knees. It can measure from 19.5 to 29 inches and can be unmarked or marked with Eegee or EE-GEE. She also has hair braided with curlers, a crying mom, and a pair of sleeping eyes.

4) Miss Babette (1957 to 1965) – This was an 11.5-inch fashion doll that is also a competitor to Barbie dolls. It also came with a rare black doll alternative and most are sports earrings, swimsuits, and high heels.

5) My Fair Lady (1958) – The doll was designed after a character from the movie of the same name. This articulated doll stands 20 inches tall and comes with a rotating waist feature.

6) Maskerade Magic (1960) – This is a 12-inch tall doll that has five different interchangeable face masks, but her clothes cannot be removed.

7) Stoneage Baby (1963) – This 14-inch doll in animal print tops and red underwear is likely a competitor to Pebbles of Flintstone. It features an articulated plastic body and short hair rooted in a vinyl head with a toy bone attached to accentuate its ponytail. He also has sideways glancing eyes with painted facial features and pursed smiling lips.

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